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Mug Licorne Fantastique


Unicorn Mug

Ref. ST/A51653


Ceramic mug

2 models to choose from

Dimensions: 9 cm high 8 cm in diameter

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The Unicorn mug: a nice crockery to impress its guests or just to take pleasure in enjoying food in an aesthetic container is very pleasant. Children are particularly fans of this kind of accessories that can represent characters or animals that they love. If you or your children are fans of the unicorn, you will enjoy the mug presented in this article.


The unicorn or unicorn, a legendary creature


If the unicorn is a special animal that feeds many fabulous stories, it is because of its unique characteristics. In reality, she is described as a horse with a single horn on its forehead. Living in forests, she is usually all united with white. In some stories, the unicorn is described as a creature with wings that allow it to fly.

If everyone agrees on the characteristics of the animal, the consensus on its genesis is far from being made. Indeed, several sources at the origin of the evocation of this animal tell descriptions of rhinos and antelopes. These sources come from the stories of explorers.

The Indus is the first civilization to have evoked the name of the unicorn before it was spread in the Near East. The first evocations of the unicorn in the West date back to antiquity with the texts of the Greek historian Ctesias in 389 BC. These are stories of travelers in Persia and India who speak of monoceros that will help to spread the existence of this animal in this part of the world.

In addition, through these stories, we note a difference between the Western unicorn and the one that comes from the Asian continent. Several stories are conveyed about the species, but it is only at the end of the Middle Ages that the physical representation of the unicorn will settle in the form we know today.


The powers and symbolism of the unicorn


Following evocations from some translations of the Bible, the unicorn is considered to be the most important imaginary creature in the Christian West. Several stories have circulated about the powers of the unicorn horn. It was said that it was able to neutralize poisons, purify water and cure the majority of diseases.

It is said that the King of France had in his possession a unicorn horn and that many dignitaries wore it on the handle of their knives.

The unicorn has a strong symbolic charge! She is considered a female, but the presence of the horn on her forehead gives her male attribus. This ambivalence in this animal refers to the duality of the human being.

In the stories about the unicorn, only a virgin girl is able to approach and tame this animal. The unicorn represents protection, love and virility.


The unicorn mug


The unicorn mug is a ceramic accessory which measures 9 cm in height and 8 cm in diameter. He will be able to easily receive your drinks. Available in two models, this accessory is white in color.

On each of the models, we find the drawing of a white unicorn with the particularity of having a mane and a tail of blue or purple color. In addition, inscriptions are noted on each of the faces of two mugs. It is a simple and very pretty accessory.

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