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    Discover our wide range of Backpacks and school bags with or without castors, Duffle Bags, Bags with shoulder strap and others Lunch bags...

    But how do you decide on one or the other of these school accessories?

    Don't panic, La Boutique Des Toons advises you on the Best School Luggage Choice !

    Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items
    Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items

    The school bag: the essential tool for schoolchildren

    Find a Large selection of school bags For the Kindergarten students and primary, but also for College students and Students ! Some School Bags of all colors and shapes to match each stage of the Educational background CSApupil

    School bags without wheels, trolleyWheeled Bags or Backpacks : La Boutique Des Toons promises quality luggage to all children

    Discover the different types of school bags!

    Back to school is coming soon! You're looking for the best school bag for your child. You should know that there are different models of bags for school children. Indeed, the school baggage is vast.

    Ready to find the perfect school bag for your child? Whether they are in kindergarten or primary school, whether they are middle school or high school, we detail the characteristics of the most popular luggage for school!

    The backpack: a timeless piece

    It is certainly one of the most common school accessories in the playground. As the name suggests, this luggage is carried on the shoulders. Its fabric is robust yet lightweight. Waterproof, it perfectly protects the belongings to be transported: school supplies are protected in the compartment(s).

    sacs à dos pour enfant

    The Backpack comes in several dimensions. It is therefore a model that adapts to all sizes and morphologies.

    ✨From kindergarten to high school, this student bag has proven itself and it's not about to give up!

    The "classic" school bag with straps: a must-have for primary school

    Let's talk about the "Classic" or "French-style" satchel. A recognizable school bag with its rectangular shape. Thanks to its design, it offers one or two compartments that are wider than they are tall. Practical spaces to easily store books, notebooks, binders and all kinds of school supplies.

    cartable sonic

    ✨A popular school bag in primary school, it is appreciated by everyone: students, parents and teachers.

    This school bag also promises easy travel. A top handle ensures that it can be carried in the hand. Two shoulder straps on the back panel allow it to be worn over the shoulders.

    Like the backpack, the school bag comes in different sizes to follow the growth curve of children. It is important to choose the right dimensions for your schoolchild to protect your child's health.

    The school bag with wheels: a trend that lasts

    This is one of the most popular school accessories of recent years: the school bag on wheels!

    This is a Rectangular bag with trolley system. This device consists of two castors, feet and a telescopic handle (single or double tube). With this equipment, school luggage can be towed lightly.

    The Trolley satchel is ideal for relieving children's backs, especially on the long way to school. The child is happy to pull his bag - like a toy to walk around - every day to join his classmates.

    cartable et sac à dos trolley

    ✨The trolley is a sensation in kindergarten and primary school. 

    Nevertheless, before you start buying a bag, it is very important to take a few criteria into account. The school bag must be practical, aesthetically pleasing but above all adapted to its user.

    How to choose the best school bag for your child? Some criteria to take into account

    Choosing the right school bag for your child is very important. To help you find the perfect luggage for your child, we've put together a list of the different things you can consider:

    • A lightweight and waterproof fabric

    Opt for a school bag with waterproof, light and resistant fabric. A piece of luggage that can effectively protect school stationery and all the supplies that need to be carried on a daily basis.

    • Robust structure

    Adopt a school bag with a solid architecture! It should contain enough storage space to store the binders and notebooks requested by the teachers. Also remember to check the seams.

    • Wide shoulder straps

    Prefer them wide and adjustable! You will improve your child's comfort on a daily basis. Wide shoulder straps sit comfortably on the shoulders and reduce the weight of the bag. The adjustment of the straps is essential to allow the bag to fit perfectly on the back of the schoolchild. 

    • Plenty of storage space and wide openings

    It doesn't matter how many pockets or compartments there are, as long as the capacity is suitable for the child's use. Make sure the width of the opening: the child will find and organize his various belongings more easily.

    • Reflective strips

    The little extra nowadays! Most of the bags are equipped with reflective strips that ensure the visibility of children on the way to or near school. This safety is highly appreciated by parents, especially during the winter period.


    As you can see, the choice of a school bag should be considered. It is therefore not to be taken lightly! But don't panic, to find the perfect school bag for your child, we have what you need!

    Let's discover our nice school luggage!

    Our collection of wheeled school bags!

    The school bag on wheels is a delight for kindergarten and primary school children. You will find it in two forms: that of the rectangular luggage that is wider than it is high and that of the backpack with a vertical design.

    cartable et sac à dos à roulettes

    ✨While the wheeled bag is popular with kindergarten students, the wheeled school bag is all the rage in primary school.

    At La Boutique Des Toons, we offer a huge selection of wheeled luggage for all ages and for all grade levels. Take a look!

    Small or large, the wheeled bag ensures

    ➡️In kindergarten, it looks like a toy to be pulled. Kids love it, parents love it too!

    Thanks to it, your little one will be able to carry all the belongings he will need for his day out of the house: a change of clothes, snacks, small school supplies requested by the teachers. 

    ➡️In elementary school, the wheeled backpack still has its fans!

    And for good reason. It offers the necessary space to optimally store all school materials. Stationery or small supplies (pencil cases and height measuring items such as 30 cm rulers) easily find a place in compartments and other pockets. 

    With its vintage style, the wheeled school bag promises a great school year

    The wheeled school bag is without a doubt THE school bag for primary school students:

    • Its rectangular shape is ideal to accommodate notebooks and large-format binders without damaging them;
    • Its robust structure provides excellent protection school equipment to be transported on a daily basis;
    • Its trolley device makes it a light piece of luggage to be moved. A joy at a time when school supplies are more and more numerous and therefore more and more heavy... 

    You will find the famous Tann's, Kipling and Rip Curl school bags in our online shop. Three major brands in school luggage that never cease to seduce young students and their parents. These are high-end quality bags, designed by meticulous manufacturers. 

    Always more fun, the license trolley satchel appeals to children

    For girls or boys, the trolley bag is infinitely varied. With girly patterns, specific themes or trendy prints, this little piece of luggage is the perfect companion for young learners. 

    La Boutique Des Toons offers you Many licenses adored by kindergarten and primary school children. From the world of Disney to the world of sports clubs and the world of superheroes, discover all of our licensed school products in one click on our categories in the Choice of Brands.

    Our messenger bags to look classy!

    Does your child need to carry some sheet music for their music lesson? Does your teen want a different style of bag to get to school? Opt for one of our messenger bags!

    sacs besace

    Rectangular in shape, it is adorned with a large, practical shoulder strap to wear it crossed over the shoulder. Practical and stylish, this luggage can carry all kinds of school supplies and other things.

    At La Boutique Des Toons, you will find shoulder bags for girls and boys of all ages. Among the most popular, messenger bags: 

    • with the most beautiful Disney princess;
    • the image of a sports club;
    • just like boys' favorite superheroes;
    • trendy brands such as Diesel, Benetton and New York Yankees;
    • etc.

    This is a non-exhaustive list!

    ↘️Feel free to check out all of our collections by clicking on the character section in the category messenger bag

    Our classic backpacks and school bags to look stylish at school!

    For those who prefer the original rectangular backpack or satchel, La Boutique Des Toons is not to be outdone. You will discover a huge selection of schoolboy luggage, bachelor's degree and top brands.

    For all tastes, for all ages, for all styles, we present eclectic collections so that everyone can find what they are looking for.

    The backpack: with one or two compartments?

    Depending on your child's age, height or grade level, we offer backpacks with multiple layouts. You can then opt for a single compartment, two compartments and even three separate compartments. In addition, there are side and front pockets to perfect the storage of all the supplies to be transported.

    ➡️The backpack for kindergarten children is ideally equipped with a single large compartment. This space is perfect for storing spare laundry. It opens and closes easily thanks to a zipper system.

    ➡️In primary school, opt for a Backpack with double compartment. Students, from CP to CM2, must carry a number of school supplies. To find them quickly, it can be a good idea to store them in defined spaces: pencil cases and small writing materials on one side, stationery on the other.

    The school bag and its famous flap: but what is it for?

    The special feature of the satchel with its horizontal design is undoubtedly its flap. This piece of fabric that covers the storage space of the school bag is used to protect the contents of the bag.

    Thanks to the flap, School supplies remain protected from bad weather but also from possible losses during travel. This security is reinforced by one or two clasps called a tuck. It is an opening system (made of PVC nowadays), easily manipulated by children's little hands.

    Today, this flap is full of ingenuity. It becomes the support of the name label and presents itself as a perfect place to display a schedule.

    ✨Some major school luggage brands go even further. They use the top edge of the school bag to provide ideal storage for a 30 cm ruler.

    Discover all backpacks and Binders!    

    Our sports and pool bags: practical and effective!

    sac de sport et sac piscine

    For sports at school or outside of school, children often need a large bag. A piece of luggage with a large compartment to carry a pair of sneakers and the necessary equipment for sports.

    ➡️On La Boutique Des Toons, we offer two categories of sports bags: the bag with shoulder strap or the pool bag (also called gym bag).

    The specifics of a good sports bag

    To ensure optimal use, a sports bag should be equipped with a Spacious compartment Ready to accommodate the essential equipment for all sports practices, namely an appropriate outfit, a towel and a pair of sneakers.

    There's no time to waste in the cloakroom, the luggage must quickly deliver the essential clothes. To do this, a Easy-to-handle opening system is essential. The zipper is without a doubt the ideal device.

    In our shop, the sports bag has Two handles in order to ensure transport by hand. Most of the time, it is also adorned with a Adjustable shoulder strap. With this strap, hands are free: our budding athletes can enter on a scooter or skateboard!

    Pool bag or gym bag: same fight!

    For swimmers or gymnasts, the designers have designed a Bag made of soft and waterproof fabric. Very thin, it does not take up any space and remains extremely light. A single compartment holds a swimsuit or leotard as well as a terry towel. The pool bag closes with a system of cords that also serve as shoulder straps.

    The sports bag is an opportunity to show off your tastes for a club, an artist, a cartoon hero or any other character dear to children.

    ↘️Consult the sections without further delay Duffle Bag and Pool bag on our shop!

    Our snack bags: to gain strength!

    Once unknown, the snack bag is now part of children's school equipment! Thanks to it, students can take their lunch to school every day. Say goodbye to the mashed banana in the school bag and the pieces of biscuit scattered at the bottom of the bag! A delight for mothers who also take pleasure in making good little meals.

    sacs gouter

    At La Boutique Des Toons, we are committed to finding quality licensing products. You will find lunch bags of all sizes, with one or more compartments, insulated or not, with handles or shoulder strap. These small containers are equipped with zippers, an easy-to-handle device.

    Those Snack bags are intended for both girls and boys. Feel free to browse through all our designs with your child. Let them choose the pattern or print that will make them want to devour their meal, and thus fill themselves with energy for the end of the day!

    And don't forget the school supplies!

    To complete your child's back-to-school season, you can also buy school supplies such as binders, Kits or a school diary. Likewise, you will have a wide choice in terms of characters, patterns or colors on our shop. 

    fournitures scolaires

    With La Boutique Des Toons, offer your child adequate school equipment for the next school year. From luggage to stationery, discover our specialized and original licensing products. Forget the hassle of school shopping, with us from now on, this moment should please you!

    Discover all luggage