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Figures for all ages!


Do you want to buy a figurine? To start a collection? You don't really know how to do it, but one thing is certain: you're still looking for the rare gem! You're definitely in the right place! Indeed, our collection of figurines is diverse and varied and you can easily find your happiness! Ready to learn more? This is where it happens!


     Figurine Betty Boop Cabaret


How do I start a figurine collection?

Do you have a collector's soul? Or do you just want to harmonize one of your shelves? The figurines can be an excellent compromise. Indeed, it will give color to your room, which is not negligible. However, before you start your collection of figurines, we will give you some tips that you will need to follow to the letter to get the latter off to a good start:

  • Choose the theme of his collection. If you are here, it is certainly because you want to make a collection of figurines. So you have the theme. However, since the field of figurines is rather wide, it is important to determine what type of figurine you would like to collect.
  • Acquire your first collectibles. There is no need to say, we have a wide selection of figurines and we think it is rather easy for you to find your happiness. Indeed, our shop presents many figurines that will certainly delight you.
  • Find a good way to store your collection. After all, you don't want your figurines to be damaged. We'll give you some advice later, in this article.
  • Proceed with a grading system. Whether by purchase date or size, you can have a wide choice. It is enough to be imaginative.
  • When you start a collection, it's certainly to continue it and not leave it in the background. Do not hesitate to log on from time to time on our website to see the different figurines we have put up for sale.

As you can see, a collection can start quickly. In addition, it is quite easy at the moment. In addition, we have a number of figurines on our site, you should certainly like it.


  Statuette Betty Boop Miroir


Why keep the boxes of his figurines?

When you order a figurine on our website, you can easily keep the boxes of the figurines. Yes, as you can see, we are not going to send you the figurines without protection. Indeed, the latter could break, which is not ideal. We'll give you seven good reasons to keep the boxes in which you're going to receive your figurines:

  • You will see that it is an authentic figurine. Indeed, the box can say a lot about the origin of your figurine, which may be rather a good idea to keep it somewhere.
  • In general, the box counts in the selling price. So it would be a shame to throw it away, especially if the figurine cost you a small fortune.
  • Are you planning to move? You are not immune to changing places of life, in general. So it's interesting to keep your boxes, to store the figurines inside them. So you won't need to store them any way in your boxes and you won't damage them.
  • Some figurines may have spare parts. The box allows you to keep them optimally. Indeed, you will not be afraid to lose any small parts present when sending it.
  • Think about resale! You'll certainly tell yourself that you'll never sell your figurine collection, but you're not immune to it one day! So keep them in a corner of your cellar, at least you can resell them much more easily.

As you can see, it is rather interesting to keep the boxes of your figurines. We have given you these reasons, but there are many others. Also, you should know that some boxes can fit into each other, which will not take you many places. It's worth thinking about it anyway!


Figurine Titi Tresor  


A few tips for tidying up your figurine collection properly?

That's it! You've started your collection, but you don't really know how to put it away. It is true that when you do not have many, it is not really a problem, but when the collection starts to grow, you have to think of a solution. Here are some tips we can give you:

  • There are many storage solutions. Indeed, you can perfectly opt for a storage unit specially designed for your collection. You can easily find them on the Internet or directly in furniture stores. So all you have to do is make your choice.
  • Above all, it is not recommended to store your figurines anywhere in your room. Indeed, you may inadvertently break a figurine, which could be a real drama.
  • Drawers will also be avoided. Indeed, if you pile them on top of each other, you will certainly have a hard time storing them properly. In addition, those that are fragile are at risk of being damaged, which is not the goal either.
  • Opt for a showcase: in addition to being beautiful and aesthetic, it can protect your figurines from dust, which is rather bad. Plus, you won't be afraid to break them while cleaning the shelf.

It's pretty easy to figure how to store your figurines. Indeed, whether on the Internet or directly in a furniture store you will certainly find your happiness. However, don't forget that your figurine collection can also be used as a decoration. The furniture must therefore be aesthetic and really look in the room where it will be stored.

    Voiture Guillermo Forchino

We'll certainly like our figurines!

Are you still looking for figurines for your collection? Don't really have an idea? Would you like something that is a bit out of the ordinary? Please be aware that we offer a number of figurines. Don't hesitate to go for a walk in the categories you're interested in. In the meantime, we're going to introduce you to these! Ready? So here we go!


  • Our Betty Boop figurines 

Everyone knows Betty Boop! But no one really knows where this heroine is from! Because yes, with her sexy appearances and positions, Betty Boop is beautiful and well a heroine. It is a character that was created in the 1930s. And although it's been 90 years since Betty Boop existed, she hasn't taken a wrinkle and she continues to make a name for herself. Whether it's the younger generations or the oldest, everyone knows it! Famous to the end of the fingernails, then!


  • Our Johnny Hallyday figurines

Are you more of a pop music fan? Is Johnny Hallyday a personality that has made you vibrate for years? Thankfully, we have a whole collection of products concerning this singer known to all generations as well. He has had no less than 57 years of career and during all these years, many fans have remained loyal to his colorful character. If you want to continue your passion, it's perfectly possible with our collection of figurines in the image of Johnny Hallyday!


  • Our Titi figurines 

It is more on the childish side that we are heading now. Indeed, we can offer a collection of Titi figurines, specially designed for fans of this little canary. Once again, he is a cult character, that everyone knows! Note also that he is a rather endearing character who loves to annoy the big twink. It has made generations laugh and it's not going to stop there! You will have the opportunity to discover it in various situations, just as crushed as each other! So, go to discover our Titi collection, we are certain a few you are eyeing!


  • Our Leblon Delienne figurines

Asterix and Obelix? Marsupilami? Calimero? These names certainly tell you something! Who has never read a comic book or watch an animated movie with one of these characters? It's almost impossible! If you want a funny and colourful collection, we offer those of Leblon Delienne! So you can collect your favorite heroes, rather nice, as concept you do not find?


  • Our Demons - Wonders figurines

We can also offer you Demons and Wonders figurines will certainly make you happy as well. But what exactly is it about? Do you know Casper, Tom and Jerry, Woody Woodpecker, Droopy or Casimir? Well, you could have them in collection, which you could certainly like! You will have a wide choice of figurines that will blend perfectly into your décor. And don't panic, we're convinced that you no longer have a child's soul! Whatever, it won't hurt you much!


  • Our Michel Aroutcheff figurines

Do you like vintage cars? You want to have a collection with the effigy of cars such as old Ferraris, old convertibles or even old car-tampers? The collection we sell from Michel Aroutcheff should certainly please you. We don't have a lot of products, but we know you'll like them. Of course, it is best to have the right budget for this type of collection. High quality, they can easily adorn your living room.


  • Our Guillermo Forchino figurines

Want to continue in miniature cars? The collection created by Guillermo Forchino will certainly please you. Indeed, whether it's small gendarmerie cars, cars resembling the Mini Cooper models we know today or an old fire truck, you'll be sure to find your happiness!


  • Our cartoon figurines

Do you like cartoons? Do you like daffy duck or else? Some Disney characters make your heart capsize like Cinderella or Snow White? Whatever your desires and passion, we are sure that you can easily find your happiness in terms of collection among the latter.

Don't hesitate to go through the catalogue we can offer you. Indeed, whether in color, style or character, a wide choice can be offered to you!


  • Our sexy figurines

Do you prefer figurines that have a little more sex appeal? But you don't know how to incorporate them into your collection? Don't worry, here's a collection that you'll certainly like. Of course, we only offer one figurine, but more should certainly happen later. Don't hesitate to buy the latter so you can complete your collection or just start it.


  • Our Marilyn Monroe figurines

Are you a Marilyn Monroe fan? After all, it can make a nice piece in your collection! We can offer you a figurine of the latter, in a rather cult position! All you have to do is crack on this figurine so you can give it to you and add it to your shelf!

Le cabriolet Ferrari Milo Manara

Conclusion, you will have noticed, figurines can be a real passion for the person concerned. Indeed, whether it is a universe or a character that fascinates her, the collection is the best way to remain rooted in her passion! Don't hesitate to go around our catalogue, you are not immune to a crush!