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    Discover a world of brands and licenses on La Boutique des Toons

    Explore the magical worlds of Disney and Marvel

    Produits sous licence Marvel - Disney

    From enchanted princesses to superpowered heroes, fall in love with our beautiful collection of Disney and Marvel products ! From Frozen to Spiderman, Disney Characters give children's school bags a makeover and personally decorate their rooms. You're going to make people happy...

    Travel in style thanks to the renowned luggage storage

    Sac scolaires des marques Tann's et Kipling

    For your young student's daily commute or far-flung adventures, choose from our prestigious luggage brands like Tann's and Kipling. School bags, backpacks, suitcases, travel bags... You'll find the perfect piece of luggage for every member of the family !

    Create a fantasy world for the little ones

    Produits sous licence pour les tout petits

    Encourage your little ones' imagination and happiness with products from their favorite series: Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, Gabby and the Magic House... Find home décor, linens and more, perfect for every stage of their growth.

    Indulge in the company of animals

    Produits à l'effigie des animaux

    Whether you're a fan of cats, horse or dinosaurs, our selection dedicated to animal lovers should please you ! You'll love celebrating these fascinating creatures with a wheeled satchel, bedding set or a cute mug...

    Immerse yourself in the world of fashion

    cartables et sacs à dos de marque

    On La Boutique des Toons, we also track down the brands that set trends ! Adept of a dynamic life ? Adopt bags from brands like Rip Curl, Kaporal, Benetton... And show off a stylish look !

    Experience exciting adventures with manga and video game heroes

    produits de licence à l'effigie des héros de manga

    Jump into the action with DBZ, Naruto and Super Mario. Embark on mind-blowing adventures with our popular manga and video game merchandise. Ideal for fans of all generations, from the seasoned collector to the new convert.

    Support your favourite sports club

    sacs et fournitures scolaires à l'effigie des clubs sportifs

    Gear up in your team's colors ! With official articles from the major football clubs and the NBA, proudly show your support. Explore our collection of sports bags and become one of the biggest supporters !

    Fall in love with the beauty of today's dolls

    produits sous licence à l'effigie des poupées

    Relive your childhood dreams or treat the next generation to the joys of fashion with our stunning range of dolls ! Find our collection of Barbie School Bags, but also that of other licenses such as LOL Dolls, Na Na Na Surprise or Rainbow High ! For sure, your daughter's eyes will sparkle...

    Enrich your collection

    produits de licence à collectionner

    From Betty Boop at Johnny Halliday: find a wide selection of collectibles ! From figurines to decorative items, bring your idol into your home !

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    Don't stop here ! Keep exploring our site to discover hidden gems among a vast array of brands and licenses. Every click has a surprise in store for you...

    Why choose these licensed products on our e-commerce site ?

    Impressive variety

    With a wide range of brands and licenses, everyone, big or small, can find their favorite. Whether you're looking forItems for girls, boys, women, men, children or adults, our selection caters to all tastes and needs.

    Authentic Licensed Products

    We only offer officially licensed products. Whether it's School bags for the start of the school year, duvet covers to dream of your heroes, decoration to personalize your space, or Figurines for Collectors, each article is a window into your passion.

    Ease of search and discovery

    Our site is designed to help you easily Select, discover and fall in love with your favorite brands. With intuitive filters and detailed descriptions, loving and preferring your choices has never been easier.

    Smart prices

    On La Boutique des Toons, you can crack without feeling guilty ! Yes, our team works every day to find you The best products at the best prices. What are you waiting for to take advantage of it? ?

    Explore, discover, crack...

    Browse through our site and let yourself be guided by your affection for legendary and contemporary brands. Each of them offers you a unique portrait of its products, with enriched information and attractive images.

    If you're looking to add to your personal collection or give a gift to a loved one, don't wait any longer: succumb, fall in love, love – and leave The Toon Shop transport you to the worlds of your favorite licenses.

    ☎️Do you have a question about our products or brands? Check out our FAQs or contact our dedicated customer service. We're here to help you find the perfect item from your favorite brand or license.