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It's time for children to discover or find school. To do this, as parents, you want to have all the necessary equipment requested by the teachers of the school in order to ensure a good start to the school. Also, what a joy to see his child leave with pleasure on the way to school taking with pride the schoolbag he has chosen, ready to welcome all the learnings that the day has in store for him with his classmates.


1/ Online school supplies at discount prices

You have done what is necessary for your children to return to school serenely by providing an age-appropriate school bag, a sports bag, notebooks and binders, a kit lined with pencils, erasers, pens, a pair of scissors,... Yes, but lo and behold, very often from the beginning of the school year, some teachers ask for other supplies (not present on the list you have traveled back and forth to be sure not to forget anything!) Today you have to meet the demand of teachers despite a busy schedule between your work, your children, your imperatives!

Fortunately, with just a few clicks, it's easy to order the missing supplies through our shop. Indeed, the toons shop, with more than 50,000 items in stock including more than 15,000 binders, offers a wide range of school supplies available to all scholarships. So, with just a few clicks, you can find the pencil or notebook you want, which will be delivered to you as soon as possible. With our online site today, you are guaranteed to save time while focusing on the quality of the products you will offer your children throughout the year.


2/ A successful start to the year with a new school bag

Whether it's his first year or already having a few to his or her credit, your child needs a sturdy school bag that can meet all the criteria set by each of the actors, namely school, you parents and your child. Some schools, by the list of school supplies, induce a size of school bag: for sure, a notebook of size 24 cm x 32 cm sometimes requested in large section of kindergarten, will not fit in a small backpack! Also some schools prohibit wheeled school bags (not suitable for stairs for example), find out well before making your purchase!

As parents, you pay main attention to the quality of the binder: the material, the washing eventually. So you need to read the dimensions of the binders so that it fits your child's size. To help you, the toons shop gives you an ideal age for each bag or binder.

Finally, there is your child, who will choose his schoolbag according to his tastes for a cartoon hero, a color, a video game,... And what a pleasure to see him happy when he receives "his" binder!

There are many schoolers. Wheeled binders, bagbags without wheelss or even the school backpack, the bag or sports bag for your child's physical education activity, various binders are offered on La Boutique des Toons. School bags are also available online at affordable and accessible rates.


3/ Collectible figurines

The toons shop is also beautiful figurines for all! Popular figurines in the image of Titi , the mischievous canary, or even the sexy Betty Boop. And for the grown-ups that we are, the shop has been able to find models of cartoon figurines. Fans of miniature cars will find their happiness with the Michel Aroutcheff figurines or those of Guillermo Forchino. And this is how passions for collections cross generations...


4/ In search of specific decorations, theWorld of the house opens its doors to you

Linen, crockery, decoration, accessories to perfect your look, this is part of the world of the house presented to you by the toons shop. You are looking for a duvet cover or a cushion bearing the image of your child's hero; you want to start the day well by drinking your coffee or tea in a Mug just for you; it's the birthday of one of your loved ones and you want to send him a nice gift, ... for all these situations (and many others!) the toons shop is here to help. A whole team is dedicated to hunting the best products to present them to you at competitive prices all year round!


5/ Our deliveries

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6/ Our contract of trust

You have purchased a product from us and this product does not give you 100% satisfaction. Don't panic! You have the right to change your mind, you have 15 days to contact us and make your request for return.

Your loyalty and your opinions are the reward for the development of our company.


7/ Browse safely on our shop

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