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Real Madrid 

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Showing 1 - 50 of 50 items

An immersion in the world of football with Real Madrid


Is your child an avid fan of the round ball? Is Real Madrid his favourite team? As a specialist in school luggage, we offer you to offer equipment and supplies in the image of his favorite players. Take a tour of our shelves to find the Real Madrid products that are right for you.


About Real Madrid 

The Real Madrid is a Spanish football club founded in 1902. It is named after King Alphonse XIII. Indeed, the latter named the club "Real" in 1920, a Spanish word meaning "royal". In the early 1950s, Real Madrid enjoyed immense success. He was crowned Champion of the European Champion Clubs Cup for 5 consecutive years.

In the 1980s, Real Madrid were one of the best european football teams, which earned it the title of La Quinta del Buitre (the vulture band). Over the years, the club has continued to amass great victories. In 2018,  his record includes 33 Spanish league titles, 16 Champions League titles and four Club World Cup victories.


The best players in Real Madrid 

Be aware that the best players of the round ball have evolved in Real Madrid. First of all, Raul Gonzalez, one of the best scorers in the world with 323 goals drawn. Zinedine Zidane has also put his know-how to the benefit of the club. It helped Real Madrid win the European Cup. We must not forget the famous Cristiano Ronaldo. This midfielder always manages to surprise the little football fans with his talent.

When he has the ball at his feet, he manages to achieve real feats. Little boys dream of looking like all these football stars. There are even those who want to pursue a career in football like them.


The Real Madrid brand

Real Madrid is much more than a football team. It has become a football brand with a strong reputation. Children and teenagers love products that feature the logo or name of this prestigious football club. Clothes and clothes Real Madrid school facilities seduce them as well. Some of them even have a collection of items bearing the image of the best players of the club like Cristiano Ronaldo.


Real Madrid school equipment and supplies

Like girls who love Barbie or Disney Princesses license items, boys also have a real passion for Real Madrid products. At the Boutique des Toons, you will find a wide range of items that will delight fans of this Spanish football club. Our products are of superior quality and are offered at competitive rates.


  • Real Madrid bags

We have a rich selection of Real Madrid bags. There are backpacks with a sober tone, a stylish look and quite voluminous that are suitable for college students. Little schoolchildren are not on a leash. Original wheeled bags that allow them to carry their school supplies with ease are available.

There are also school bags decorated with the image of Cristiano Ronaldo that will delight primary school students. For older women who prefer to wear a bag, we offer them unique and fashionable models. Since they are products for boys, blue and black are the dominant colors. 

The Real Madrid taste bags are not to be forgotten. There are high-end rigid binders that can hold your child's lunch and taste as well as his water bottle.


  • Real Madrid kits

Since the idea is to please your child, why not give him a Real Madrid kit ? At our shop, you'll find chic kits that come in different shapes and sizes. There are large-volume models that can hold all of your child's pens, pencils and crayons.   

For older children, round or flat kits are available. Blue or black, they are both  elegant and practical. In addition, they have a very original style that will please fans of the Spanish club. Please also be aware that we have labels, filing cabinets and many other Real Madrid school effects.


  • Real Madrid sports bags and satchels

For your aspiring footballers, Real Madrid sports bags are also to be discovered in our shelves. Easy to wear, they are also capable of hosting all your children's sports equipment. We must not forget the Real Madrid bags, to wear when going out with friends or family.