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School calendar 

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items

Need a notebook for a note-taking? An agenda will do the trick

The agenda still presents itself as a calendar to us, but it is not known that it may have other functions. Indeed, the diary can also be used for note-taking.

As practical as the course book

When we hear about an agenda, we most often think of the notion of time. But it's not his only function, theAgenda is also used to take notes. Indeed, like the binder or the textbook, the school calendar allows to write down its lessons, but also, various information. For this reason, it is just as used as notebooks and filing cabinets. Indeed, it all depends on his tastes, and the expressed need. Thus, it can be of great benefit. In addition, it contains many more pages compared to the notebook and the textbook. The agenda is therefore quite practical if you have a lot of information to take up.

Ideal not to forget something

The agenda also has significant advantages over the notebook. Indeed, theAgenda is usually already dated, so we just have to mark the events, or even information in relation to the day on which it corresponds. Which is quite interesting. In fact, we will no longer need to mark the dates each time using an agenda. So it's very convenient to note reminders. Indeed, in some, the agenda acts as a think-beast so as not to forget an event or a fairly important appointment. It is also much larger, which is to its advantage.