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A4 binder 

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Showing 1 - 102 of 102 items

The A4 binder: for optimal storage of your children's classes!


Is back to school coming soon? And you have to start buying school supplies? Thankfully, we'll get you to choose the best binder for your child. Of course, the latter will also have to give his opinion: after all, it will be his binder. So you might as well let him choose too! In this article, we will detail the different types of binder, but also some criteria to take into account when buying. You'll find that buying a binder isn't as easy as you'd think! We will also present the binder collection we have. We are sure that everyone will find their own way: we have as many products for girls as for boys! Want to know more? So this is where it happens!


What is an A4 binder?


The binder is simply a work tool that a child will often need from the co-worker. Indeed, it is rather convenient, since you can put many infills inside the latter. So just slide the leaves into pockets or make holes so they can just slip inside. There are filing cabinets larger than others, depending on the number of sheets you will need to classify inside.


It is also important to know that the binder is also a tool that is used a lot when you are an adult. Indeed, whether in the world of work or simply to classify leaves at home, it is perfectly possible with the help of a binder. In other words, it's something that can follow you for the rest of your life, no matter what activity you work in or just at home. The choice of the latter is therefore not to be overlooked.


What are the different types of binder?


Before you move on to the different criteria of choice that you will need to study in order to choose the ideal binder, we strongly advise you to diversify the filing cabinets. What does that mean? Simply the fact that you have to take a binder based on its shape, but also its size. We'll zoom in on them so you can find your way around:


  • Ring binders:

these are certainly the ones you'll see the most for middle and high school students. Ring binders, under simply classic. Just pull the rings on each side so that they can easily open. This way, your child will have no trouble tidying up his classes inside the child.


  • Leveraged filing cabinets:

they are, in general, larger than ring binders. In addition, they have two rings that open by a lever system. So they can be more convenient, if you want to put as many sheets inside it as possible.


  • Pressure flap binders:

they close to the side. In other words, this type of filing cabinet has a fundamental advantage: documents are perfectly protected inside your binder. If you have a child who is not very careful, it may be a good idea to opt for this type of binder.


  • The hoop binders:

these are also convenient because they have a blocking system. This way, you won't be able to lose any documents, which can be quite convenient, in everyday life.


  • The binders attached box:

it looks like a box attached. This way, all your documents are perfectly protected. Of course, this is not the type of binder that will make your child dream. However, if you have to travel for work, it will certainly be the most convenient product you can find.


  • It is also possible to find customizable filing cabinets.

Nevertheless, they meet a specific need. To go to school, your child won't need this type of binder either.


As you can see, there are many types of binders. This way, you can easily find your happiness, depending on your needs. But before any purchase, you really need to think. We'll show you other things to consider when buying your binder.


What are the criteria to consider when buying a binder?


Although buying a binder is quite simple, there are still a few criteria to consider. Indeed, this will allow you to have a binder that will really respect your needs. Here is the list of criteria:


  • The size of your binder:

you should know that a binder can contain a maximum number of sheets. Larger ones can have 200 to 250 leaves. But you can also find thinner filing cabinets that can hold 100 to 150 sheets. For your child, we recommend that you opt for a large size. Indeed, it is better that it has only one binder than several small ones.


  • Matter is also a point to be taken into account:

Indeed, some are more fragile than others. If it's something your child will use every day, you should know that a stronger material will be essential. In addition, it is best to opt for a flexible binder. In addition to being lighter, they also allow to be less damaged as you travel.


  • The color:

yes, your child will pay special attention to the color of his binder. Plus, you can find some with patterns. Anyway, you really need to pay attention to your child's tastes.


Once you've bought the binder your child dreams of, you'll need to buy items such as infills, laminated pouches or the trouilloteuse. In any event, it is a budget that must still be taken into consideration.


Our binder collection, in our online shop!


Not sure where to buy the binder for your child? Want something rather classic and not too expensive? We are definitely the shop for you! Indeed, we have a multitude of products that will certainly please your child. Here's what you can easily find with us:


Classic plain-coloured binders. At least this is the type of binder that can easily last several years. Whether it is blue, yellow or pink, it is possible to use it from one year to the next, by emptying it, of course. In addition, they are flexible and the brand, Exacompta, is rather well known and recognized in the field of school supplies.


You can also find filing cabinets with patterns. Whether it's MTV, CMP or the Champions League, there's a wide choice for your child. The latter will only have to choose the model that suits him best.


For the little ones, we can also find Mickey and Minnie bindersNinja turtles or Star Wars. As you must know, these are not grounds that they will keep until the end of high school. Nevertheless, for the early years of college, they can do the trick perfectly.


The Harry Potter fans and Titi and Big Minet will also find their happiness. Indeed, many binders are in the effigy of these heroes. However, you should know that they are rather rigid filing cabinets, so they can quickly deteriorate.


Brands such as Kaporal or New York Yankee will certainly find a buyer. Indeed, they are very popular brands, at present, by teenagers and pre-teens. Moreover, they are timeless filing cabinets since they have been around for years.


As you can see, the filing cabinets are diverse and varied. Your child will be able to find his happiness among these. However, when you make the purchase, it is essential that your child be with you, to express his desire in terms of patterns or colors. Of course, you can always advise him to make this purchase work!


In conclusion, choosing a binder is essential for your child to succeed in school. Indeed, if he has an element that he likes, he will certainly want to work more. However, keep in mind that a flexible binder is much less damaged over time and can easily take several years. It should also be noted that a binder may no longer please your child if he or she no longer wants to see the face of his favorite hero every morning. As you can see, it's not easy to choose a binder for your child!