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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

The paper diary: more than just an ordinary tool


We need an agenda. It's a fact.

The calendar is a tool used by both young and old on a daily basis. While some people may have stopped using it, many people use it over and over again.


What's the point?


Whether it is for school, work or any personal use, the usefulness of an agenda remains the same. Taking out your diary is not a trivial gesture. This accessory is used to:

     organize your time by dividing activities into specific periods

     plan programs optimally, whether in the short, medium or long term

     manage day-to-day tasks, especially priorities and emergencies

     record homework, appointments, outings with friends and colleagues

     take notes during classes, meetings, seminars

     Note the milestones

     marginalizing essential information

     speaking out

     draw, calculate

     Avoid delays, forgetfulness of important events (birthday, wedding, baptism, company evening, team meeting, etc.) or due dates (for loans, registrations, projects to be submitted, etc.)

     be more effective in everything you do

     regain control of one's life as a college student, student, secretary, professional, mother, doctor, etc.


Its use is not limited. It's almost an all-option tool, a travel companion, an easy-to-use support (just have a pencil or pen to play the trick), and within everyone's reach. Many people turn to the calendar as a gift for their child or friend.

Several companies offer their employees and employees company-specific agendas at the beginning of the year.


But why opt for an agenda, not a simple notebook or a memento?


The diary is more than just a notebook. This tool, increasingly indispensable, allows to have an organized life, a quiet mind, an optimal concentration on other details. With an agenda, you get an overview of what to do throughout the day, on the week or for the next quarter. All the simplest things (buying a pen, publishing the social network ...) to the most important (a job interview, an appointment at the ophthalmo ...) have their place. It is no longer worth cluttering the memory with data that could overload it.
The calendar differs from other accessories by several points.


Its size


The diaries are available in several dimensions: 9 x 15 cm / 16 x 16 cm / 20 x 20 cm / A4...  The formats are varied: PM or pocket, MM, GM. This allows to meet all needs. It is not difficult to find the diary less cumbersome, ideal for the bag, towel or binder.


Its design


Since we need an agenda, we might as well have it pretty, elegant and original! Design is one of the first assets of the paper calendar. The materials implemented are numerous (synthetic, leather, fabric, etc.). The models are varied (simple, patterned...). The shapes are diverse (square, rectangle, rounded corners...). The colors and tones are innumerable.

It exists in standard model. This accessory is available connected, paperback, with spiral, small or large rings.
There is something for the male and female gent, for all ages, for all styles, for all tastes, but especially for all budgets.


Its multiple specificities


The calendar, depending on the model, can contain both a notepad, a directory, an address book, a to-do list, a table of materials, memo spaces or maps. Several details make this tool an accessory like no other: the number of pages, the type (12 months, 16 months...), the cutting of pages per hour/day/week/month, dates, lines, etc. We find:

  • children's agendas: colourful school calendars, school year highlighted
  • agendas for the big ones: the carvings are very precise, calendar year...
  • advertising agendas: offered in the company's colours, nothing better to stand out
  • agendas for professionals: repositionable and rechargeable pages, daily, weekly, biweekly planning, etc.


Different possibilities for personalisation


It is quite possible to design a tailor-made agenda. Institutions offer personalized diaries. The finishes are endless. For a self-speaking agenda, you can have:


  • a favourite first name, nickname, slogan or quote printed on the cover page
  • a logo in the head or trailer,
  • a printed cover of a specific image or pretty colors
  • colorful pages, especially for school calendars
  • colorful elastics
  • tracking labels
  • a nice house
  • a calculator
  • a pen pouch attached to the diary


You can ask to have an agenda with lots of pages, just place orders, wait and have them delivered.

Its owner is free to customize it with stickers or stamps, to use color pens, highlighters or markers when taking notes, etc.


Do you like to write? Are you planning to buy an agenda to be more professional? Are you looking for an agenda with an original design to offer to a loved one? Need a diary to help your child prepare his schedule?

At La Boutique Des Toons, you'll find an endless selection of top-quality calendars. Several patterned models for little girls (Poivre Blanc Girl, Cheval Cybel Gris et Rose, Lililou Chat...), little boys (Mc Queen), teenagers and adults (Follow me, Tropical, Le Temps des Cherries...). Fans of extreme sports, Star Wars and Pokemon will be well served.

You'll like the products. In addition, the rates are reasonable.


So, treat yourself and choose from a diary of La Boutique Des Toons!