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    Cutting and fastenings 

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    Showing 1 - 41 of 41 items

    Cuts and fasteners, essential accessories


    Back to school is coming in leaps and bounds. However, you don't have enough time to finalize your purchases. Between choosing the bag, kit, binder and notebooks, you tend to overlook the small details. You may also need to make some purchases to complete your office equipment. At the Toons shop, we help you to do your shopping with ease. You'll find everything you need for school or office supplies in the catalogue. A wide range of cutting tools, as well as different types of fasteners are available.


    Cutting tools


    The Toons shop sells all kinds of cutting tools for all age categories.


    • Different types of scissors

    Starting in kindergarten, children learn to handle scissors in cutting workshops. This helps to stimulate their fine motor skills and improve the control of the movements of their small hands. Besides, your little bit will learn to use a pair of scissors before learning to hold a pen. That's why it deserves to have a cutting tool that is easy to handle, light and well adjusted to its little fingers.


    In this selection, you will find scissors with reinforced wrists, adapted to the needs of your little ones. The models are particularly attractive, with colorful and cheerful patterns. The 13 cm and 14 cm sizes will be perfect for toddlers. In addition, the tips of the scissors are soft and rounded to avoid the risk of accidents. There are also models for teens and adults. These are sharper and longer (16 cm). You will also have the choice of different colors.


    • Several cutter models to accompany the cuts

    The cutter or retractable blade knife can also be a used cutting tool in the school supply list. Your child may need it for plastic or other work. Since a cutter can be relatively dangerous, it is important to have a quality and reliable model. The Toons shop has selected cutter models from the biggest brands for you.


    Whether you choose a cutter from CTM or another from Maped, you can be sure to enjoy a quality tool. The blade is perfectly protected to minimize the risk of an accident. Handling is also easy to prevent the tool from slipping through the fingers. Available cutter models will be able to slip discreetly into the kit and will not occupy much space. It's a great alternative to chiseling. Indeed, the cutter can be used to cut thicker materials and obtain a more accurate result.


    • Other accessories available on the site

    You can also order a 2-hole puncher on the platform. You can choose from a variety of models from the CTm and Maped brands. This kind of tool is essential if you have a binder.


    All the cutting tools offered by the Toons shop are robust, reliable and designed from quality materials.


    The fasteners


    Attachments are essential for organizing or filing documents. Your child may need it to store school cards and avoid flying leaves. The fasteners are also a must have in offices.


    • Staplers to gather flying leaves

    The stapler models available on the Toons store platform are easy to handle. This will allow the user to make more accurate and faster gestures. For example, you can opt for Maped Ergologic Pocket staplers, which are suitable for all uses. They fit easily into the kits. In addition, their designs are more elaborate and you can choose from different colors.


    On the other hand, the Toons shop offers models of staplers specially designed for offices. This type of stapler is perfect for stapled a large volume of paper and can adapt to different types of staples. As far as cartridges are concerned, you can get them on the site. You'll find boxes on the platform, each with 1,000 pieces of No. 10 staples. Boxes of No. 24 staples are also available. You can also order staples with metal mechanism to de-graft your documents without leaving a trace.


    • Attachments and other accessories for the organization

    In addition to staplers, the Toons shop sells different types of paper clips to allow you to classify and organize your documents. It is also the best solution for small to avoid stapler handling. Both flexible and solid, the paper clips offered on the platform allow to maintain a whole wad of sheets of paper without any difficulty. You can opt for CTM-branded multi-coloured paper clips, with a batch of 80 28mm pieces. Maped products can also meet your needs, such as the 15 50mm paperclip box. You'll also find boxes with 100 pieces of 25mm letter attachments.


    You may also need a bug to hang your child's schedule on the wall or posters at the office. You will be completely satisfied with the quality of the colored bugs from the CTM brand. You can use it in many situations. In addition, they are practical and easy to use. Each box contains 36 multicolored bugs.


    • Dough to attach objects to any medium

    Finally, the Toons shop sells fixed dough from the famous brand UHU. The pasta to be fixed is pre-cut, making it much easier to use. They are also repositionable and can peel off without tearing off the support. A box contains 80 white lozenges for a strong and clean attachment.


    To place your order, you only have to select from the catalogue the items that are right for you. Payment is fully secure. In addition, you can apply for return if the product does not meet your requirements. Your package will be delivered to your home as soon as possible, which will prevent you from travelling. More than 50,000 items are waiting for you in stock!