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    Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items

    Tracing for teaching


    Back to school is fast approaching and you still haven't completed your child's school supplies? Between work, home and traffic jams, it's quite difficult to find a niche to shop. But don't worry! The Toons store offers you to buy everything you need on its online sales platform. You will find in the catalogue a wide selection of items for the school and the office. Discover, among other things, a wide range of tracing tools that meet your needs.


    The selection of plastic rules


    Whatever your child's class, he or she will always need a rule to study well. Indeed, the graduated rule is an essential tool to carry out all the practices required in school. Whether it's math or just drawing, highlighting and drawing, your child can't do without it. Since this tool will be in great demand throughout the school year, it is important to choose a strong, flexible and durable model.


    To meet all your requirements, the Toons shop offers a selection of graduated rules from the biggest brands: MAPED or CTM. You can choose from 20 cm or 30 cm models. There are also a variety of colours: blue, green, pink, fuchsia, yellow, etc. You can also opt for a transparent model. The rules proposed by the Toons shop are quality plastic.


    They are appreciated for their flexibility and solidity. Thanks to ultra-thin edges, they make it easy to make precise tracings. In addition, graduations are well marked, readable and in accordance with the standards imposed. This will prevent you from getting it wrong in the measurements. The rules of the shop will fit perfectly into any type of backpack or kit. For the little ones, a 20 cm rule may suffice. On the other hand, the 30 cm rule is more recommended from college.


    • PVC square

    To complete your tracking tools, don't forget to order a square! Starting in college, mathematics and physics courses require the use of a square. This allows you to draw or calculate right angles. It is also used for tracing perpendicular straights. They are especially sought after during geometry classes. It will complement your other tools, such as the compass, the rapporteur or the rule. This tool is also used in creative leisure or to make technical drawings. With this tool, your child will be able to learn the theorems of Pythagoras and Thales.


    By opting for a 26 cm square, your child can also use it as a rule. This will save him room in his kit!

    The square models offered by the Toons shop are made of translucent, flexible and unbreakable plastic. This material is also very light and very flexible. Graduations are also readable and meet standards.


    • Rapporteur

    Order a graduated rapporteur to complete your child's school supplies. It is a measuring instrument, graduated in degree. The Toons shop offers a reporter in a semi-circle, graduated from 0 to 180 degrees, from right to left.


    The models available are made of clear plastic, which will provide greater comfort of use. Your child will also be able to make precise plots and measure angles without much difficulty. Younger people will learn to tell the difference between different types of angles.


    • Geometry kits

    You can also opt for geometry kits that include all the tools your child will need for their school year. The Toons shop offers different types of kits. You can opt for a complete material consisting of 4 pieces: 2 squares, a rapporteur and a ruler. You can choose from different colors. The kits offered on the platform are suitable for all levels.


    Quality service


    The Toons shop is looking to best meet your needs. To do this, it has put in place various provisions to make the processing of your order shorter. Indeed, as soon as voting order is registered, the storekeepers take care to prepare it within a maximum of 48 hours. They then take care of shipping through various means: So colissimo, GLS, So colissimo international and Bpost. The delivery covers all areas of France. In addition, it is possible to consider delivery to different European countries.


    • An easy return for your complete satisfaction

    The shop also gives you the option to apply for a return under a trust agreement. This must be done over a period of 15 days from receipt of your order, in case it does not meet your requirements. This is called "satisfied or refunded"!


    • Your data is safe on the site

    In addition to the quality of the service, the Toons shop also offers the guarantee of fully secure navigation to all its customers. Thanks to the HTTPS protocol on all web pages of the platform, your personal information will be protected.


    • Affordable rates for all purses

    At the Toons shop, prices have been particularly revisited in order to suit all budgets. Some products also benefit from discounts to reduce your expenses. You will benefit from quality products at very attractive prices. In addition, you have nothing to do with the payment. If you use a credit card, you should know that Crédit Agricole will allow you to shop safely.


    • A multitude of accessories to accompany you on a daily basis

    In addition to the tracing tools, you will find in the catalogue a wide selection of school supplies. You can order all kinds of items such as school bags, binders, notebooks, pens, kits and more than 50,000 items available in stock. To please your children, you will find different products in the image of the most famous cartoon characters.