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Showing 1 - 37 of 37 items

The best notebooks on the web


Back to school is coming soon and you are slowly starting to complete your child's school supplies. However, most of the items on sale in stores and supermarkets are quite expensive and your small budget can't cover all expenses. Added to this is the precious time you waste in traffic jams and scrums on the shelves devoted to school materials. The Toons shop offers a simple, economical and quick solution to do your shopping with ease.

Find in the catalogue all the supplies your child needs. There are also office supplies. Some of the most sought-after products include tiles. Small or large format, with margin, spiral or connected... You can order from a selection of notebooks from major brands such as CONQUERANT, ADV, OXFORD, etc.

The notebook is an indispensable element, starting in kindergarten. It allows you to take notes, copy lessons, perform exercises, transcribe thoughts and many other uses. The Toons shop offers a wide variety of notebooks to best meet your needs. You have a choice about height, weight, colour, type of cover, etc.


Large tile models


The Toons shop particularly highlights the large tile notebooks. These are usually the models required by French schools. The setting of this type of notebook is easily recognizable by a fatter interline. This makes it easier to write letters. Indeed, the top interlines are useful for the positioning of letters that go up (t, b, l, h, etc.). On the other hand, the lower interlines are used to position the letters coming down (p, q, y, z, etc.).

Your child will find cues and be more comfortable writing about this type of notebook. The large tile notebooks have a greasy, red margin on the left side. This section will be reserved for teacher annotations and personal notes. The Toons shop offers large tile notebooks of different sizes.


  • Large format

It is a large tile notebook of 24 cm - 32 cm. It is a model frequently used for materials that require the distribution of A4 plugs that will need to be slipped or glued into the notebook. Some subjects such as geometry or science also require a large-format notebook to allow students to draw with ease.


  • Small format

With a size of 17 cm - 22 cm, it is the smallest notebook size available on the market. It is often used for materials that do not require large notes. It fits easily into the backpack. It is also lighter than other types of notebooks, which is perfect for kindergarten and primary school children.


Quality items for your children's comfort


Whichever format you choose, you can be sure to make the choice of quality. Indeed, the notebooks offered on the platform benefit from a two-tone adjuster, which makes writing very easy. Your child will be able to find himself and the difference between the lines and the interlines without much difficulty. The CONQUERANT, ADV or OXFORD brand notebooks put on the site meet all these conditions.


You can also choose from different numbers of pages. For the little ones, the 48-page notebooks are the most in demand. Primary school students do not use notebooks of more than 96 pages. If the notebook is not enough, you will be able to replenish your supplies throughout the year. It also avoids waste. On the other hand, middle and high school students generally need 96-page notebooks. Indeed, they will have to take more notes and do many more exercises than the little ones.


A wide choice of style and colour


As for the colors available, you are spoilt for choice: red, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, gray, orange, etc. The coverage is also different, depending on the brand you choose. You can opt for notebooks with a transparent cover, made of polypropylene (plastic) of CONQUERANT. They offer better protection from moisture and last longer. The OXFORD notebooks also have a plastic cover, but thicker and with a totally different design. The quality of the paper does not allow the ink to be transferred to the other pages. Moreover, the pages are perfectly white and smooth. The notebooks you will find on the platform are also suitable for all types of pens.

Other types of notebookss

In addition to conventional and conventional models, your child may also need a notebook to entertain during his spare time.


  • Music book

Find in the catalogue the super model of music book designed by the brand OXFORD. It is a small notebook of 17 cm - 42 cm and 48 pages. If your child is a budding little musician, this music book will certainly please him and help him in his workouts. This model is also suitable for experienced musicians. It is perfect for writing melodies and lyrics. It alternates between 24 blank pages and 25 pages of musical scopes. The 2-tone adjuster of the notebook also allows for better legibility. This avoids problems of visual fatigue and optimizes concentration. The cover is both smooth and opaque. The notebook also benefits from a filming as a cover.


  • Diary

To write the deepest thoughts and the most hidden feelings, what could be better than a diary? Know that every teen needs it to create their little secret garden. The Toons shop offers a nice diary with a horse and beautiful pink flowers. Your child will be able to take him wherever he goes. The newspaper is also closed by a padlock and a key.