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Filing cabinets and accessories  

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Showing 1 - 48 of 70 items

The binder, the perfect companion for school 


To be ready for the start of school, your child needs to equip himself properly. The holidays are not even over as you have to think about buying school supplies and essential accessories for school, college or high school. Backpack, kit, notebooks, pens... So many things that you're going to have to buy when time is running out. Why not shop online? The Toons shop offers a wide range of items suitable for all needs. You will discover, among other things, different styles of filing cabinets for all tastes. Find models, ranging from the most classic to the most original, to the delight of young and old!


Classers for children in kindergarten and primary school


From kindergarten, your little boy needs a binder to organize his day-to-day work. Coloring, drawings, scribbles and small awakening exercises... No more flying leaves that are likely to get lost or torn apart! Your child's first exploits will be listed and treasured in a beautiful binder at the Toons shop.

If your child is in primary school, be aware that they will also need a binder to organize their class assignments throughout the year. This can also be useful for storing important documents.


  • The filing cabinets for little boys

In this category, find different types of binders specially designed for little boys. Among the models available, you'll discover binders featuring your little one's favorite cartoon characters. If you're a fan of Disney classics, opt for a Mickey and Donald binder. On the other hand, if it leans more towards small cars, choose the Mc Queen Super Flash binder. Models of Ninja Turtles binders will also delight your little ones. In addition, you'll find models of Superhero binders, like Spiderman, etc.


In terms of sizes, filing cabinets for elementary or kindergarten boys are 34 cm long. This will allow them to store their binder in their small binder. They will also be able to carry it by hand with ease.


  • Classers for little girls

The Toons shop also offers very "Girly" models for your little princesses. Whether they are in kindergarten or elementary school, they will need a binder to put their exercises away. Your little girl will surely love pink models with floral prints. If she's a big fan of fairy tales, she'll certainly be charmed by the binder in the image of Disney's iconic characters.


You can, for example, opt for a Cinderella and Rapunzel print. The Snow Queen binder will also seduce your little girl. There is also a Hello Kitty binder model that will please her for sure. For little girls brimming with imagination, choose the Minnie Mouse binder with a pretty unicorn and full of rainbows. Hello Kitty or Soy Luna binders are also very popular with girls.

The models are also 34 cm, very easy to store and wear. Your little girl will have only a long way to go, is to open her binder and get to work alongside her favorite characters.


Teen filing cabinets


Teenagers are the most interested when it comes to filing cabinet. Indeed, it is an essential supply, whether for college or high school. They will be able to store their class assignments, lesson sheets and personal notes. They can even classify their exploits as drawings, poems, etc. It's the perfect accessory to push a teenager to be more creative and imaginative! When it comes to styles, you have a wide choice.

Classers with the American flag are particularly trendy among teens. There are also "Girly" teen filing cabinets with several shades of pink and "Kawai" patterns. Moreover, those who are particularly attracted by floral, bohemian and romantic motifs will also find their favorite in the catalogue. In addition, Star wars, Head Skill, Head Spider, etc. If your teen is a football fan, the Toons shop has something to delight him.


Make your selection among the binders with the names of the biggest clubs in the Champions League. There are also models suitable for basketball or baseball fans. The stock is also full of binders for motorcycle, skateboarding, surfing and travel fans. You'll find a trendy style binder, perfect for a teenager.

The filing cabinets can store A4-sized documents. They are quite solid and can fit into a classic backpack. Some models are equipped with elastic to help close the binder and avoid the risk of loss.


Office filing cabinets


In addition to schoolchildren, middle schoolers and high school students, adults may also need binders to store or file important documents. The Toons shop also reserves models of very classic and sober filing cabinets, perfectly suited to bureaucrats. For example, you can choose from the EXACOMPTA range of polypropylene filing cabinets. There are models of binders with elastics on both sides. You will have the choice among different colors. The dimensions are also varied, depending on your needs.




To accompany your filing cabinets, the Toons shop offers different types of accessories. You will find on the site the A4 infills in polypropylene, from the biggest brands. You can also order a pack of 100 perforated pouches to protect your documents before storing them in your binder.


To place your order, simply select the models that suit your needs and wait for your package to be delivered to you. Payment is fully secure, as is your browsing data. In addition, you are guaranteed quality products at very attractive prices. This allows you to get items that are right for you while paying attention to your budget.