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View holders, shirts and sorters

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View holders, shirts and sorters 

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Showing 1 - 48 of 50 items

View doors, shirts and sorters: what you need to store your documents!


Being organized on a daily basis is a real challenge for all of us! Fortunately, more and more filing materials are available on the market, at least to collect and sort our important papers. Views, shirts and sorters are part of it. They will be very essential to you when it comes to organization.

As for school supplies, we don't talk about it often! However, these are products that appear, for the most part, in the school list and that prove to be very useful for many students in class, whether to store, classify or store their documents.


Indeed, everyone needs it to put in order, but also to be able to quickly find his files. The view doors, shirts and sorters will be of great use to you!

What makes them different? How do you choose what's right for your child's needs? Below, find out everything you need to know about these 3 ranking tools.




The shirt is a kind of cardboard or plastic pouch used at school to collect and classify polycopy or exercises attached to classes, whether for a temporary or permanent period.

It comes in a wide range of formats and colours that you can choose according to your desires. The most popular model for the school is the 3 or 8 flaps with elastic closure, plastic or cardboard, ideal for A4 documents.


There are also:

  • The window shirt that allows you to quickly identify your papers
  • pocket-sized shirt to fit large folders and folders
  • stretchy back shirt.


Be aware that you can also find, more and more, model of fancy shirts. Your children will surely choose them for their stylish character. 


The view doors


The door, also known as a document protector, is a type of notebook whose pages are replaced by transparent plastic pouches.

It is used to store leaves by keeping them visible and easy to access and protecting them from tears, dust and stains. It's a very practical accessory to better organize...    


The view holder is available in a variety of models:

  • view holder with removable pockets allowing a regular update of documents (addition, order change, replacement ...)
  • hardcover view holder to store it vertically in a cupboard
  • customizable cover to immediately identify the contents of documents.  


It is also available to you:

  • in various colours (black, green, red, blue, etc.)
  • covers (rigid, flexible, opaque, translucent, customizable), PVC or polypropylene
  • in various numbers of covers, 40, 60, 100 up to 200 views, with a cover equivalent to 2 views.       


You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to the material in the pouches.

  • PVC pouches are more durable to ensure document security.
  • Smooth pouches are more transparent, allowing documents to be more readable.      


The sorters


Sorters were long unknown. They are totally unknown in primary school and few know them in college. While in high school, they become a necessary equipment for all students.

Sorters are very practical tools because, with several compartments, they allow copies, paper sheets and other documents to be categorized by headings and temporarily. This way, your child will be able to quietly store them when he gets home. The sorters also prevent him from carrying heavy folders and filing cabinets. No more big school bags, no more lightness!   


There are several types of sorters:


  • clipboards (cardboards) stapled or expandables

They are more economical, greener, lighter and easier to use. Consisting of a reinforced hard cover or a blanket made entirely of plastic (polypropylene), they have the advantage of being comfortable, but also waterproof and more nomadic.


  • plastic sorters (sized or expandable polypropylene)

Waterproof, they effectively protect your paper documents. They allow large volumes of files to be categorized.


  • Special sorters

They come in a suitcase version and a desktop version that can be made up of more than 24 compartments.   


Make your purchase online!


To buy quality view doors, shirts and sorters without you moving from home, the Boutique Des Toons makes your life easier by offering its online school supplies sales services.   


At the Boutique Des Toons, you'll find a wide range of viewboards, shirts and sorters of different sizes, materials and colours suitable for your child:

  • shirts size 24 x 32 cm with 3 flaps with elastics (white, grey, lime, violin, green, turquoise, pink, orange, etc.). You will also have several models with the patterns of your choice (neutral, Pretty World, CMP, LOL Flower...)
  • stapled polypropylene sorters - 7 green coloured compartments
  • 3-fold card sorters 8 compartments in blue, green, purple...
  • 40, 60, 160, 200 views of black, green, blue, red, etc.  


In order to best meet your quality expectations, Boutique Des Toons works with the big brand EXACOMPTA. It selects for you the best products on the market, and offers them at unbeatable prices (from 0.99 euros and no more than 8 euros).    

Whether you are asked about the lists of your child's school supplies, or whether you want to equip your office to store and file your important documents, it's always good to have viewrs, shirts and sorters on hand.


Place your order online with the Toons Store! Your filing equipment will be delivered to you as soon as possible.