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    Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

    Make the right choice for stationery items for school and office supplies


    No matter what the job, working without the right equipment is impossible. In the same respect, going to school or university with incomplete supplies is risky and not recommended. Being well equipped makes it possible to be more productive and efficient. You gain confidence, comfort and motivation, since you have the equipment required for this or that operation.

    Stationery is an indispensable medium for these activities and in everyday life.

    You must buy a packet of papers or copies for the next school year. You won't be able to do without notebooks, post-it notes and copies for different tasks in the office. You will need it to take notes, to plan urgent tasks or not, to record appointments, to organize your schedule, to communicate information, to print an image / a text / a report, to do homework and exercises... These facts are common, and are part of the daily lives of parents and professionals.

    However, choosing these supplies is a real challenge. You have a large budget, but you may not find yourself facing the diversity of offers.

    In order to ensure that the investment is not in vain, the key is to know what you need - to identify exactly the needs of your company, your employees, your children at school, etc. Choosing supplies will, as well, be easier.


    The criteria to consider


    There are a few things to consider when buying stationery items. By taking them into account, you won't be wrong in your choice.


    • Quality

    The quality of stationery is a key detail. Whether for copies, notebooks or printing papers, you should focus on resistance (especially the heat of the printing system - no deformation at the output), thickness, opacity, whiteness (measured by the CIE index), finishes (smoothed, satin, vellum, verged, etc.), etc.

    The paper must also be machine-compatible (printer, photocopier or others).

    Here are some standards and paper labels to know: ISO 9706, FSC, PEFC, Ecolabel, label Ange Bleu, label Origine France Guarantee. They define the conditions for making paper, the substances and paper pulp implemented, the archiving of the product, compliance with environmental and social requirements, etc.


    • The grammage

    Grammar is very important. It is chosen based on the use of paper.

    80 g/m2 is the standard grammar for home, school, office, prints and other everyday copies.

    For mailings, opt for 50 and 60 g/m2. The 70 and 75 g/m2 grammars are perfect for large prints. The 90 g/m2 grammage is ideal for two-sided prints.

    For official communications and presentations, use 100 and 110 g/m2.

    When it comes to folder covers and prints of large color flats, choose the 120 and 250 g/m2 grammages.


    • The number of pages

    The number of slips is also an important point. Copies and notebooks are generally available in 25, 50, 100, 200 or 300 pages. You can have simple pages, white, colorful, perforated, small or large tiles. You'll find, for sure, what you need among the offers and models available on the market.


    • The format

    For copies, notebooks and papers, different formats are offered: small, medium and large format. The most requested are: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5. Of course, this detail depends on their use and the requirements of the school or the company.


    • The price

    Price is an element not to be overlooked. Indeed, the cost of these supplies is a detail that always conditions the purchase. Everyone has their own means and possibilities. You, including. As a result, suppliers who offer excellent value for money are the most privileged. The most important thing is to make comparisons before making up your mind.


    You have a limited selection here. Several other factors can still be added.

    Whatever your needs, only the right supplier will guarantee the quality of the supplies. It will offer the right accessories, the tools that best meet your criteria.


    Looking for stationery items to supplement children's school supplies? Do you need it for your supply or for your employees? Look no further!

    The Toons Shop provides you with what you need with school supplies. We, a stationery distributor, offer a wide range of:


    • notebook (100 sheets, pastel yellow color...)
    • single copies Seyès (300 pages, A4, perforated, quality pages, large tiles...)
    • double copies Séyès (100 pages / 300 pages, A4, perforated...)
    • post-it block (rectangle or square, 80 coloured leaves, 250 coloured leaves...)   


    Why buy at The Toons Shop?


    The items are suitable for sorters and filing cabinets. The batches of copies meet the requirements of the teachers. The Boutique Des Toons is committed to offering only high quality products, both economical and environmentally friendly. They are made in France. They are part of the European Ecolabels.


    Rates are affordable. The shop is committed, moreover, to find the lowest prices for the satisfaction of its customers. Payment is made by Visa card or via PayPal. Transit is 100% secure. Everything is done in complete confidentiality.


    More details and school and office supplies (roller or wheeled bags, backpacks, binders, calculators, diaries, notebooks, pens, etc.) can be found on our website. Don't hesitate to check out his catalogues. Make your choice and fill your shopping cart with just a few clicks! Your orders are processed within 48 hours. Delivery takes place within 24 to 48 hours. The Boutique Des Toons is in collaboration with So Colissimo, GLS, etc.