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Labels and Stickers 

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Showing 1 - 48 of 51 items

Labels and stickers: essentials for school!


Who has never had the misfortune to lose one of his supplies or one of his clothes during his school years! Either you can't find your pens or your notebook, you misplace your coat or you forget your sweater, you even exchange your shoes.

Today, the teachers advise parents an excellent solution to avoid this famous problem and no longer repeat the same unanswered question "Who is it?" . They ask to mark all the school affairs of the children.

For this, labels and stickers will be your allies. They will make your life easier and help everyone to spend the whole school year serenely!


How important are these labels and stickers? How do I choose them? Are they customizable? Where can we find quality? Let's take a look at this.


Labels and stickers, to identify everything...


Labels and stickers are an effective and affordable way to easily identify something. They will then allow you to quickly find a particular object.

To mark all your child's supplies and make sure that each of his or her equipment returns home after a busy day of school, don't hesitate to use it.


  • They are to be glued on almost all your little one's school affairs: binders, notebooks, slates, binders, diaries, books, bondsmen, kits, scissors, compasses, pens, colored pencils, felts, glues, rules, etc.
  • Some models are also to stick on their clothes for school (all clothes that are likely to be lost: coats, sweaters, raincoats, caps, caps, scarves ...) as well as on their shoes, slippers or sneakers.
  • Thanks to labels and stickers, you no longer need to worry about your child's business.
  • In addition, stickers or thermosticks, indeed, they are very practical.
  • They land in seconds and land directly on any surface: plastic, cardboard, glass, metal, textile, etc.


Labels and stickers have also become more stylish and decorative to brighten up all the material. Now it's time for a variety of colours, custom designs and beautiful writings! 

In short, no more the classic white sewing labels with a name embroidered in red!


Make the right choice of labels and stickers


Since labels and stickers will be glued for a long time on your child's supplies, it's always worth choosing quality products that meet your needs.


Here are some tips to help you better:     

  • Opt for custom labels and stickers on which you can easily write your child's name, first name and class, custom labels and stickers that they can quickly find in case of misplacement.
  • opt for labels and stickers that are very easy to stick on objects, regardless of their material.
  • opt for labels and stickers that are particularly suitable for your child (in kindergarten or primary school), but above all, adapted to your child's tastes.
  • Opt for strong labels and stickers that persist against repeated wear and tear in the kit or binder.


For those who specialize in clothing and shoes,

  • Opt for labels and stickers that are resistant to multiple passages to the washing machine up to 60 degrees and multiple passages to the tumble dryer!
  • Choose labels and stickers that are resistant, if possible, to water, sun, refrigerator, freezer and microwaves.


Order at the Boutique Des Toons


To prepare for the start of the school year, the Boutique Des Toons accompanies you by offering a whole range of labels and stickers varied and personalized. They allow you to quickly and visibly mark all of your child's school materials, including supplies.


Everything you'll need to label and decorate your children's belongings and not lose anything


Discover in its catalog, labels and stickers fun, which will please your little one. They consist mainly of images of his favorite animals or cartoon characters:


  • school labels (Pretty World, Beyblad, horses, Spiderman, Minnie and Mickey Friends, Barbie, Disney Cars, etc.)
  • stickers (Flower, Butterflies, Lions, Forrest, Beer, Bigfoot, etc.).


Whatever your choices, you can stick them anywhere: book protectors, books, kits, pens, crayons, rules, etc. They will stay there as long as you want and will bring a fun and charming side to these school supplies.


Why choose the Toons Shop?


High-end, all of its products are of superior quality.

Their labels and stickers have been specially designed to withstand all your child's adventures, at or from school.




  • They're the right size.
  • Super resistant and strong, they will surely survive longer than the notebook or book.
  • They stick easily and directly to any medium at the touch of a finger (for better bonding, clean the chosen surface to remove dust, with a dry cloth).
  • They will also meet all budgets. They are available at a low price (from 0.5 euros and no more than 2 euros).


Thanks to the labels and stickers of the Boutique Des Toons, you benefit from products at good value. With a wide range of designs, your child will also enjoy bringing back school supplies. In case there is a loss, it will also be easier for him to describe his lost property.


So equip yourself and make your order as soon as possible! Delivery is fast and free. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!