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    The 9 favorite subjects of college students


    The subjects taught at the college exceed ten. There is French, Computer Science and Technology, music, history, biology, gymnastics, mathematics, etc. The disciplines are diverse.

    The proposed teaching is currently satisfactory. There are many teaching methods. The tools implemented are numerous and effective, thanks to technological evolution. Teachers are continually innovating their learning techniques, so that every student can learn quickly and efficiently. Generally, they are trained on a regular basis. And that's a good thing!


    1 - Mathematics 


    Mathematics is one of the favourite subjects of college students. What for? It's a playful and never boring subject. Additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions, square roots, probabilities, geometries, statistics, functions ensue. Numbers are to be identified. Calculations must be made to solve the problem. There are many options to remember. In short, it takes logic, good reasoning and demonstrations. And all these details make mathematics the favorite of college students.


    For this discipline, the calculator is essential to perform complex calculations. Brands and models are varied. Just make the right choice and make good use of it.

    The Boutique Des Toons offers great calculators for girls and boys:


    • Small solar primary calculator (10.5 cm x 5.6 cm x 1 cm)

    This calculator has a plastic hood to close it. It is ideal for making small calculations. Students will always be able to carry it with them.

    • Black scientific calculator (16 cm x 8 cm)

    This scientific calculator has 240 computational functions. The display capacity on the screen is 12 digits, 10-2n a two-line display so. Stopping the calculator is automatic. It turns off once it is not used. The LR44 battery for its power supply is provided.

    You are guaranteed better value for money. Plus, you buy with confidence.


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    2 - SVT


    During Life and Earth Sciences, the programs are interesting and fun. They allow students to know the environment, planet Earth, the human body, health, nutrition, reproduction ... They love it. Step by step, they become familiar with the scientific reasoning of biology and geology. 


    3 - Foreign languages or living languages


    English, Spanish, German, Greek or Latin are languages taught in college.

    The students each have their own preference. While it is not easy to master spelling, conjugations, vocabularies and different grammar rules, they enjoy learning them. They love reading, writing, summary, etc.


    4 - French


    Learning French means conversing, communicating... Wanting to master the mother tongue, and rediscovering French culture. Nothing more motivating. At each session, students read, dictate, write, understand texts, etc. They enjoy conversation, grammar, etc.


    5 - Drawing


    College students also love drawing and visual arts classes. It is an opportunity for them to be creative and to let their imaginations run wild. They feel comfortable. Exercises require observation, memorization, organization, comparison.

    Teenagers love it, regardless of their talent and level.


    6 - EPS


    Many students love sports. Physical exercises, practiced alone, in two or in groups, allow them to meet the challenge, measure their physical performance, etc. Excellent for health, they promote bone, psychomotor and respiratory development.

    Physical and sports education is one of the subjects that also wins the vote. Teachers never run out of ideas to encourage their students to go beyond their limits, help them and best support them to accomplish themselves.


    7 - Music


    Music education is included in the school curriculum, the favorite of middle school students. Students learn songs through musical games. They also learn to play different instruments (piano, guitar, flute, etc.). Their listening, memorization, interpretation and repetition skills are put to the test.

    Music classes (theoretical or practical) are an opportunity to de-ersize, forget about calculations and natural sciences. Each teacher has his own practices.


    8 - History - Geography


    History and geography are quite complex. So many dates and events to know and remember. Maps and chronological friezes to be made. But that is what makes this subject successful. Students are able to situate themselves in their present. They are aware of cultures, the legacies of the past, current social facts,

    They're getting more curious. They're asking for more for their knowledge.


    9 - Physics and Chemistry


    The physical sciences and chemistry are not easy to tame.  Language is not always understandable. However, students understand water formation, gravity, etc. They're analyzing. They're experimenting. They love to confront experience with theory.


    Girls and boys have their own subjects, respectively. Maybe it's about IQ? Tastes that differ? Specialties? Or would it be a vocation? It is not always easy to have clear answers. Just as it's hard to get a satisfactory answer on the questions: "Why doesn't Alex like pink?" or "Why does Lucie hate small cars?"

    Studies have suggested that these contrasts vary depending on several factors, all to a lesser extent. These include, for example, the socio-professional category, age, the occupation of parents, the education system, etc.


    This is a brief listing. The ranking is not final. Everything can change or change depending on the advice of students, parents and teachers.