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    Benetton : the accessories brand that doesn't disappoint you


    Benetton is a well-known brand for creating many stylish clothing designs. It also offers backpacks and school bags for children for their delight. As we approach the new school year, we have chosen for you a wide variety of models and great brands to offer your children the school bag of their dreams. By choosing Benetton, you'll be sure to opt for better quality.


    Who can take advantage of the Benetton binders?

    The Benetton brand has thought of all children from the CP class to high school to offer them different models of high quality school bags.

    However, the choice varies between class level, age and especially your child's taste. So, to choose a model that suits him, consider taking all these criteria into account. Added to this is the most important one, which is its morphology.

    So we offer a range of Benetton binders that suits all tastes and budgets. All you have to do is select the one that's right for your child.


    What schoolbag for what age?

    Of course, there are many school bag models, but the choice is based on criteria that can influence your selection. So be sure to consider size, pattern, pattern, colour, number of compartments or comfort. Boys and girls will all have their share of happiness by choosing a Benetton binder.


    • The model

    The brand offers a wide variety of binders with different models. Then there are the wheeled bags, the classic backpacks and even the sports bags.

    Be aware that wheeled school bags are the most popular not only for their style, but also for their practicality. This model prevents your child from carrying the heavy weight of school supplies on their backs. Thanks to the small wheels of the binder, he can make it tow on the floor. This is the best choice, especially if the school does not have many stairs.

    As far as conventional backpacks are concerned, they are timeless. They are also suitable for all ages, but make sure they can hold a minimum of school supplies and are not too heavy for your child.

    Among the models of wheeled bags, we offer high-end trolley binders that are available in different colors. They are also available for boys and girls.


    • Size and weight

    This is something not to be overlooked, as the choice of the size of your child's schoolbag depends on his or her age. By choosing the wrong size of the binder for your child, you may alter his spine, which will have a negative impact on his growth.

    The Benetton binder models we offer are usually between 42 and 45 cm in size. This is perfect for a child from CP until high school. 

    As for weight, it should be noted that wheeled models are generally heavier than conventional backpacks due to the presence of a telescopic handle and small wheels. Also, be aware that your child's schoolbag weight should not exceed 10% of his weight.

    According to all this, the smallest benetton binder size is the Candy backpack, which is 42 cm high, 32 cm wide and 15 cm deep. The largest size, however, is the 1965 Vintage wheeled backpack, which measures 45 cm in height, 32 cm in width and 21 cm in depth.


    • Pattern and colour

    Boys and girls will find the Benetton binder of their choice among those on offer in the catalogue. In addition, girls will be able to find their happiness if they like pink and light blue. The patterns of small flowers may also appeal to them. You can also find Benetton binders with much of the brand logo. This is the case for the Pink Butterflies backpack or the Turquoise backpack.

    For boys, dark colors ranging from dark blue to green are also present on our website. This is the case, for example, of the 1965 Vintage backpack model with or without wheels.


    • The compartments

    All Benetton binder models generally have two compartments. This is ideal for storing the school supplies needed for school. In addition, the pockets on the front and sides are added.

    Each compartment is spacious and allows your child to store his belongings to his convenience. Each Benetton binder is adapted to your child's school supplies according to their level of education. In addition, pockets are convenient for storing different accessories, or why not for your child's lucky little toys.


    • Comfort and safety

    Every detail that makes up the Benetton binders has been designed to ensure a minimum of comfort for your child. Indeed, all of the brand's backpacks are ergonomic thanks to the padding on their backs and on the straps.

    Designed from high-end materials, Benetton binders provide optimal safety for your child. In addition, they have a zipper that allows for easy and safe opening. Your child will wear his schoolbag while he is comfortable.


    • At what price can you get a Benetton binder?

    Prices vary depending on the model you choose and the specifics of each binder. So, count between 27.90 and 49.90 to have the bag coveted by your child. Also note that each item is high-end and has a one-year warranty. This way, your child will be able to enjoy it for an entire school year without having to change his schoolbag.

    Finally, Benetton binders are available for boys and girls, with styles and colours to choose from on your budget.