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Boy's school bag 

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Showing 1 - 48 of 119 items

Boys' school bags in sight on the toon shop!

Welcome to the masculine world of school luggage. A world of license binders for boys all more fun than the others. From thenursery school to theprimary school, the school bag imposes its status. With him, the children have the class on the day of the Back to school and throughout the year. That is why the school luggage must be carefully chosen by parents and children according to many aesthetic and practical criteria. You can count on the expertise of the toons shop to accompany you in the search for the your son's future school bag !


What kind of boy schoolbag is it?

Today, the word school bag designates by extension a multitude of school bags. Backpack, satchel with wheels or bag bag, all fall into the category school bag. Here we will talk only about the rigid binder with a rectangular shape. That school bag to the dominant popularity at the end of the twentieth century. One strap bag iconic, wider than high with a Rabat which carefully covers the interior compartment(s).


The advantages of the rectangular binder

Choosing a school bag for your child is not trivial. It is indeed a school accessory designed specifically for young schoolchildren. With him, it's impossible to go wrong for your boy's back to school! We reveal all its assets.

The first feature of the school bag is undoubtedly its rectangular shape. A classic shape that offers a vintage style but is especially ideal for storing books, notebooks and other binders – all formats combined – of students. Supplies fit easily into the interior space of the luggage. They are protected and safe.

The rectangular satchel would be nothing without its flap! A piece of fabric that covers the compartment(s) of the bag. This flap ensures the safety of school materials during travel.

A bag with a handle and two shoulder straps! That's two very appreciable wearing modes. The handle located on the top of the school bag makes it easy to grab the luggage and carry it by hand. The two shoulder straps attached to the back panel offer children the opportunity to carry the school bag on their shoulders. And thus to distribute effectively over the whole of their body, the often important weight of the school material to be transported.


A modernized school bag

Even if the school bag has not really evolved structurally speaking, it has been considerably enriched over the years to bring more storage space, more comfort and more practicality to schoolchildren.

Today's school bag is made of lightweight but extremely resistant waterproof fabric: a necessity for a school bag! That's why manufacturers are constantly looking for the best textile for the design of their new luggage. Well-known brands in school luggage such as Tann's are also committed to promoting school bags made from recycled plastic.

For the sake of comfort for children, manufacturers have also re-examined the satchel straps. Now they are wider, often quilted with an antiperspirant fabric and adjustable to the morphology of each. The back panel of the school bag is not to be outdone. It is adorned with padding so that its contact with the back of the schoolboy is pleasant.

Because the safety of children is a necessity, the shoulder straps and the body of the school bag are equipped with reflective strips. A device that ensures the visibility of schoolchildren to motorists.

Always to improve the well-being of children, the school bag has a reinforced handle. The grip is better. The weight of the supplies seems less heavy.

To facilitate the optimization of school supplies, the school bag is enriched with specific pockets, in other words spaces adapted to the diversity of school materials. You will often find a compartment for storing pens, a pocket for a calculator, a place for a ruler... Every corner of the school bag is carefully designed to allow you to transport as much business as possible.

And to go further, most school luggage manufacturers offer a place dedicated to the customization of the school bag: label bears name or cardboard sheet for the schedule.

Certainly, thanks to all these "functional" improvements, the school bag has maintained its leading position among young schoolchildren and their parents. However, we must not neglect the aesthetic aspect. The boys' school bag must also have style!


A school bag in boy fashion!

Convinced by the characteristics of the school bag, you are looking for THE school luggage made for your boy. A school bag as practical as it is aesthetic but above all a bag in the image of your child. This is where the toon shop comes into action! We provide you with thousands of license binders and major brands at competitive prices. Luggage acclaimed by schoolchildren from 3 to 12 years old with strong tastes.


The toon shop where the realm of license luggage storage

For about fifteen years now, the toon shop has been known for selling licensed items. Products in the image of children's favorite characters who always meet with great success all generations combined. And the boys' favorite licenses are legion! Among them:

  • DC Comics and Marvel superheroes: Batman, Spiderman, the Avengers...
  • characters from animated films: Cars, Pat Patrouille, Scoubidou, Pyjamasque, Pokemon...
  • the emblematic characters of fantastic films: Star Wars, Harry Potter...
  • video game avatars: Super Mario, Fortnite, Minecraft, Sonic...
  • sports clubs: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid...
  • prehistoric animals: dinosaurs and the Jurassic World license...

Here is a small selection of licenses for boys prized on the toon shop, discover others on specific themes: the NASA binder is a sensation among schoolchildren passionate about astronomy.


The major brands of school leather goods are on our shop!

The toons shop is also an official partner of major school luggage brands. Tann's, Kipling, Rip Curl have a prominent place on our online site. These brands design high-end quality school bags with clean aesthetics for sustainable use.

This rectangular luggage for schoolchildren is for boys from 3 to 12 years old. For this, they come in several sizes: from 28 cm to 41 cm wide. The ideal dimensions of school bags for kindergarten range from 28 cm to 35 cm. As for those for primary school, you will find a table of school bag sizes according to age and/or grade level on the page primary binder.

Why buy a Kipling, Tann's or Rip Curl satchel on the toon shop? For the price and after-sales service! We have been working with these big brands for many years. A climate of trust has been established and allows us to offer you ultra competitive rates for these high quality school bags.


A luggage for schoolchildren of all ages

Choosing your son's future school bag according to his educational level is of paramount importance. To help you, the toon shop indicates on each product sheet the age or level adapted to the school bag. You can also, if you prefer, select upstream the kindergarten or CP – Primary level and consult only the articles that correspond to the level of your child.  

Which kindergarten school bag to choose for your boy?

You are looking for your boy the school bag that will accompany him in his first steps as a schoolboy. To guide you in your purchase, here are three criteria to take into account:

  • get him a school bag perfectly adapted to his morphology (be careful, children grow up quite quickly in kindergarten, the first year bag is often too small on arrival in large section);
  • promise him a school bag that he finds beautiful with the representation of his favorite animal or that of his favorite hero for example;
  • Make sure the bag is practical: whether it is in small, medium or large kindergarten section, your little one needs a bag spacious enough to store his blanket, some spare things, a snack and the school supplies requested by the master.

None of these three criteria can be forgotten in the purchase of your child's future school bag.


Why choose a primary school bag for boys?

From CP to CM2, boys assert themselves. Their tastes for a theme, a character or an animal are displayed with pride on their school supplies. The school bag, the first school accessory, is no exception. He then dresses in colors, patterns and other license characters dear to young boys. By offering a school bag to your child's taste, you promise him a great companion for the school year. A bag that gives him motivation and confidence to face the long school days with confidence.

Discover without further delay all the school bags for boys available on the toon shop! And for a complete schoolboy look, go to the section school kit where many pencil cases await you...