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Primary schoolbag 

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Showing 1 - 48 of 156 items

The rectangular-shaped primary schoolbag: a timeless classic

The craze for the school bag in primary school is a reality. An essential supply in the life of a schoolboy, this school bag is unanimously accepted by all stakeholders: teachers, parents, children. With its clean lines, it offers young learners an ideal space to transport the many school supplies required in the primary school curriculum. Right, it imposes a pleasant and reassuring organizational rigor. It also wants to be the object of all desires with its colors and prints of all kinds that do not fail to please children. Conquer the ideal school bag for your young learner on the toons shop! From girls' school bags to boys' school bags to the essential brands of school luggage such as Tann's or Kipling, we offer you a large selection of school bags at always thoughtful prices to satisfy you.


A "French-style" school bag for our primary school children

You may not know it, but the school bag comes in different forms depending on the country. Like our European neighbours who prefer the use of a school backpack, we advocate a classic French style when it comes to school bags. The rectangular-shaped school bag stands out as the emblem of French schooling. This is THE educational baggage of our young schoolchildren. This wider than high school bag is distinguished by its straight lines, flap and tuck clasps. First-rate school supply, our children's school bag is a fashion accessory from the small section of kindergarten to the end of primary school.


The characteristics of a good primary schoolbag

  • Let's discover together everything that makes up the rectangle binder of our primary school students. This small school luggage is a particular geometric shape that differentiates it from other school bags;
  • ideal storage space for school supplies;
  • an ingenious closing system;
  • two wearing devices of your choice (hand or back);
  • a resolutely modern vintage style object in primary school.


The shape of the schoolbag

The school bag is recognizable among a thousand pieces of luggage by its shape. An assertive rectangular shape offering a school accessory wider than high. With its straight lines and its capacity, it is paved straight (or rectangular parallelepiped for geometry enthusiasts!).


The storage capacity of the schoolbag

This school object in the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped offers a perfect organizational capacity. With one or two compartments, it has ideal storage spaces for notebooks, books and binders of primary school children. Thanks to a design of these bellows pockets, the school bag shrinks or widens depending on the volume of supplies transported.


Clasps invented for the schoolbag

While the very first school bags proudly sported one or two metal clasps called tucks, in recent years the apology of clip clasps in the manufacture of school bags. Today, the two closure systems coexist in the school luggage storage network.


Tuck clasp

Still used today in the design of school bags, the metal tuck clasp is a safe push closure device. Easy to use, a simple press of the push button unlocks the fastener. It is an easy to handle closing system very appreciated by children.

Clip clasp

The clip clasp is made of hard plastic. It is based on a double device of side push buttons. As easy to use as its cousin the tuck clasp, it is just as popular with children.


The transport of the schoolbag, by hand or on the back?

The school bag is adorned with two wearing devices. A handle located on the top of the luggage allows a hand carry. The two straps attached to the back of the bag promise to wear on the shoulders. They are wide and quilted and mat to a padded back panel to provide more comfort when children travel.


A binder as ingenious as it is design

The school bag delivers a perfect flap to cover the schoolchildren's belongings and keep them safe on the way to school. This is also what makes it original! A vintage look appreciated by children and adults alike...


The sizes of the primary schoolbag

What size should I choose for my child's schoolbag? The question is recurrent among young parents. On the toon shop, we answer this question simply and bluntly! In CP and CE1, the dimensions of the binder vary from 35 cm to 38 cm. In CE2, the school bag ideally measures between 38 cm and 41 cm. IN CM1 and CM2, the 41 cm wide binder is essential. Here is a summary table of primary school bag sizes according to each level. The dimensions shown represent the width of the rectangular luggage.


These are the school bag size recommendations for primary school children. They have been designed to match the morphology of children between 5 and 12 years old. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account the corpulence of your child. Each child is unique and it is important to choose a school bag adapted to their profile. That's why we give you a second piece of advice: the width of the school bag should not exceed the width of your child's back. 


Now that you know more about this emblematic object of primary courses, it is time to discover all the models of school bags offered by the toon shop.


Find your favorite schoolbags on the toon shop!

The toons shop, a specialist in school luggage storage for 15 years, is committed to offering school bags from emblematic brands (IKKS, KAPORAL, LES PETITES BOMBES...) alongside children's license binders. A beautiful showcase of school bags that the toon shop is proud to offer you.


The Tann's schoolbag: the icon of school bags

The fame of the Tann's satchel is well established. For more than 40 years, the brand has been supporting primary school students in their school career. It stands out both as a school background and a fashion item for children and their parents. Its particularity? A name tag is located on the flap of the school bag that identifies the owner of the school bag in the blink of an eye.


The Kipling satchel: the rolls royce in primary school

Among the must-haves of school bags for decades, you will find the Kipling schoolbag. Its soft fabric is waterproof. Its sturdy structure remains lightweight and capable of accommodating the many school supplies of primary school students. And the little monkey (mascot of the brand) attached to each luggage, has everything to please!


The Rip Curl binder: when tailoring is a reflection of sporting excellence!

If you are looking for a quality school bag with a lifestyle character for your young schoolboy, then the Rip Curl satchel is waiting for you. Designed with high-end materials, this school bag becomes a high-class school accessory. And what about his colorful prints? They are unanimous!


The girl's schoolbag that schoolgirls dream of

For primary school girls, the toons shop offers a panel of women's school bags, each more adorable than the next. Among them, find animal school bags: horses, dogs and cats; Disney princess school bags; and many bags dressed in sequins and other sequins dear to little girls.


The schoolbag for boys that will make the most reluctant love school

The boy's school bag is available endlessly on the toons' shop. With prints based on the favorite themes of schoolchildren, it becomes a recognized accessory of classmates. Here is a small selection of the most popular school bags for boys between 6 and 12 years old:

  • the dinosaur binder. The more frightening it is, the more attractive it is;
  • the sports school bag. With the effigy of a football club or a rugby team, it delights young supporters;
  • the video game binder. Super Mario, Fortnite, Minnecraft: there is something for everyone on the toon shop;
  • the superhero binder. Spiderman and Transformers come out on top;
  • le satchel of fictional characters. The Harry Potter satchel is emulated and what about the Star Wars satchel!


Our ambition on the toon shop: that each child finds his school bag!


Other brands of schoolbags to discover on the toons shop!

Next to these popular school bags, other lesser-known brand school bags strut their stuff on the toons shop. With a captivating look and a beautiful quality, these school bags are to be discovered! CAMPS, KIP, FEATHERWEIGHT, ETTAVEE, familiarize yourself with the specific universe of each of these licenses through the school accessories that are the primary school bags.


Satchels in limited quantities on the toon shop because each child is unique...

An original schoolbag for a unique student!

Number of license binders are in limited quantity on the toon shop. These are products that cannot be found in France that therefore do not find a place on the shelves of hypermarkets. As a result, your child is unlikely to have the same school bag as one of their classmates. It is therefore impossible to exchange it inadvertently. The school bag you choose from the toon shop will likely be a unique binder in your child's establishment. This one will wear it proudly throughout the year and maybe even beyond...