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Sports bag 

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Showing 1 - 44 of 44 items

Rather stylish with his sports bag

Being fashionable is quite a trend, even to go to sports. Indeed, we like to own the accessories it takes to create a style that will be well appreciated. For this, a sports bag will do just fine.

The bag to go to sports, an accessory not to be overlooked.

Sport is an activity that everyone often does. Indeed, we all have a sports activity that motivates us and makes us want to continue, in general, to keep fit and to stay healthy. We also know that to do that, you would have to have the necessary equipment. Whether you go to the gym or just to do your jogging, you should not forget accessories such as bottle, towel and sports equipment, hence the importance of having a sports bag. Indeed, the sports bag is a fairly important accessory, as it is very practical. It will also allow your child not to have to withdraw school supplies sound Ring binder to be able to put his sports stuff and that's downright awesome!

Sports bag: how to make the right choice?

During the COVID period in France and the rest of the world, many of us decided to get into sports in order to keep fit and take time for ourselves. Good for morale and the body, the practice of sport has many benefits. Also, whether you're a new sportsman or a regular on treadmills and cast iron lifts, it's important to choose your sports bag. An essential accessory to store its various belongings, its selection will depend on different criteria, such as the type of sport you play or your morphology. In this article, our specialists enlighten you and help you make the right choice of sports bag!

Choosing the sports bag: what are the criteria to consider?

The selection of a sports bag is not done in the same way as for a travel bag. Take the time to understand your needs to make sure you're making the right choice. To help you in this process, here are some concrete illustrations of the main criteria to take into account before buying your sports bag.

Choose your gym bag based on its capacity

In a specialty store, you will find a wide variety of products available. Also, it can be difficult to navigate when you are a novice. First, focus on your needs in terms of capacity for your gym bag. Do you intend to store a large amount of business there? Would you like to put on a spare shoe? Various accessories? Depending on your answers, you can then orient yourself to a bag of more or less size.

If you go to the gym in the morning before going to work for example, you will need to take with you a spare outfit. In such a situation, it is advisable to opt for a bag of sufficient size to be able to store your outfit comfortably without it being completely crumpled. On the other hand, if you are teleworking for example and you go home to take a shower right after home, a smaller gym bag will be enough since you will not need to take with you spare clothes. It is important to think about concrete situations as well as your daily habits to make the right choice.

Choose your gym bag based on its practicalities

Just like a travel bag, a sports bag is also chosen for its practicalities. For example, if you want to store your sports or city shoes, a dedicated compartment is very convenient so you don't get the rest of your clothes dirty. In addition, some small interior pockets can offer you the possibility to slip your club member card, your house keys or your headphones! In order to keep your belongings well folded and ironed, some models offer separate compartments with straps allowing you to hold your clothes so they don't wrinkle. Others also offer you waterproof pouches so you can put your wet stuff from the pool or even your water bottle which has the unfortunate tendency to leak.

Choose your gym bag based on the sport you play

Not all sports require the same equipment. Also, you must take into account the various specificities of your sports activity in order to choose a suitable and practical bag. For example, if you're swimming, a waterproof compartment is a good idea to store your wet swimsuit. In addition, it will have to be of a size of sufficient size to store all your clothes. Tennis, for example, will require a sports bag that can hold a racket as well as tennis balls in addition to a possible replacement outfit. If you are a football fan, a compartment for your dirty shoes is welcome. Finally, note that if you are doing an outdoor sport and your bag is likely to be exposed to rain, you should choose a waterproof model.

Choose your gym bag depending on how it's worn

Straps, shoulder straps or wheels, the products available are numerous and are intended to adapt to the habits of each in order to provide maximum comfort to its user. Ask yourself how comfortable you are to carry your gym bag. For a low load, the shoulder bag is practical and space-saving. For a slightly larger load, the straps provide increased balance on the shoulders. Finally, for an even greater load (dumbbells, water pack, etc.) and frequent movements, wheels are a good solution to save your back.