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Chariot Alone 

Make life easier with our backpack trolleys

Young people are very fond of backpacks, but they don't know it's not good for them. Indeed, the backpack can cause back pain especially for the youngest. To this end, the trolley alone is the alternative to this concern.

Turn your backpack into a wheelie bag

To go to school, we prefer to use a backpack most often. Indeed, it seems to us more practical and much easier to use. However, children may have difficulty carrying their backpacks because of the large amount of school business. For this reason, it would be better to have a wheeled bag to unload. It is quite possible to turn your backpack into a wheeled bag, using a trolley alone. Indeed, a trolley alone can act as wheels for its backpack. This will allow you to unload a bit and make it easier to transport your luggage.

The trolley alone to say goodbye to back problems

The trolley alone is much more convenient for young schoolchildren. Indeed, from the first year, children tend to have a fairly large number of notebooks and textbooks. As a result, their bag can be very heavy to carry, and this is very harmful to their health. For this reason, a single trolley can do the trick. In addition, it can be suitable for any type of backpack. The trolley can also be used by large people to carry a fairly heavy bag. It is therefore an effective way to avoid having to deal with back pain. Our all-new model, the DESIGN single trolley, is available at a price defying all competition!