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Showing 1 - 36 of 36 items

The kitchen, a place of life par excellence.

Over the years, the kitchen has become one of the major rooms of the house. At the same time a place of passage, of sharing and of exchanges, the kitchen is a room conducive to great reflections, inspiration and innovation. For this, the kitchen must be functional but also to your taste, to your image in terms of decoration. So to feel good and be productive in this pleasant room that is the kitchen, start by putting on your prettiest apron and then take out the salt and pepper to set up a table worthy of the biggest houses with your favorite dishes. No doubt your family and friends will be seduced!

Decorate your kitchen with trendy and appropriate accessories.

To give our best, we like to equip ourselves properly. We surround themselves with objects that make our daily lives easier. They are chosen for their practicality, their simplicity but also for their design. Kitchen items are no exception to this rule. Milk is necessarily tasier if it is kept in a nice bottle that we have chosen with care and the butter is better if it comes to us in a refined butter. Let's not even talk about the candy factory that sits proudly on the table! In addition to being part of an ecological approach (since by doing so we prohibit plastic and all non-recyclable food packaging), we combine gluttony with the pleasure of the eyes. That's why the toons shop offers an ever richer selection of kitchen items with the motto: treat yourself with quality decorative items yes but at discounted prices!

A custom kitchen with licensed dishes for the whole family.

On one side, you'll find Madame's Betty Boop boxes comfortably installed on the kitchen shelf, on the other the favorite mug of Monsieur in the image of Johnny Halliday. Your son will enjoy finishing his plate just to see Asterix and Obelix printed on the earthenware and your daughter will enjoy his cereal in his exclusive horse bowl. At the toons shop, licenses from all walks of life are queen and are part of many kitchen items. Everyone has their own dishes, each one has their own license, each one has their own little pleasure! And for the guests at snack time, take out the big game: custom cups, a sugar bowl accompanied by a funny cake display will be the guarantors of moments of conviviality!