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    Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items

    Light up your rooms with ambient lamps.

    For a bright decoration, welcome to the lamp section of the toons shop which is full of licensed lamps to install. Placed on a bedside table in the room, the lamp accompanies reading sessions or awakenings gently. In the living room, she listens to your conversations, in the office she gives you support and in the lobby she warmly welcomes your friends.

    Licensed lamps abound on the toon shop!

    From Johnny Halliday to Spiderman, the lamp displays the color on the toons shop. She imposes her style and her universe through personalities or fictional heroes.

    The lamp in the image of the famous singer Johnny Halliday is a great success with fans. And with the different models available, it's even possible to start a beautiful collection!

    Spiderman lamps or those depicting Mickey, Walt Disney's famous mouse, are always a sensation for the youngest. They fit perfectly into a child's bedroom by providing soft lighting a little more radiant than a nightlight.

    But what about the delicious Betty Boop lamp? The ladies reserve it for their boudoir, this elegant living room very intimate. A dim light in a cocooning room and the sexy Betty Boop is showcased as it should!