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Welcome to our dedicated clock category, where you'll find a unique selection of clocks featuring your favorite cartoon characters, iconic celebrities, and adorable animals. Add a touch of fantasy and personalization to your home décor with these fun and original objects. Browse our collection and find the perfect clock for yourself or to give as a gift.

Showing 1 - 31 of 31 items
Showing 1 - 31 of 31 items

Lively and playful clocks for all ages - La Boutique des Toons


The clock is much more than just a utilitarian object used to tell the time. It is also a decorative element that can bring a touch of fantasy and personality to your interior. The Toons Shop understands this and offers a wide range of original and colorful clocks, showcasing your favorite cartoon characters and celebrities. Let's take a look at these clocks that will delight young and old alike.


Clocks for cartoon fans

Cartoons marked our childhood and continue to make today's children dream. The Toons Shop has therefore decided to honor these timeless heroes by offering a range of clocks in their image.

- Titi and Grosminet

Who has never laughed at the adventures of Titi, the mischievous canary, and Grosminet, the cat always ready to do anything to capture his prey? These cult characters from the Looney Tunes universe are now available in clocks. Choose the one you like among the proposed models, and let these two acolytes brighten up your interior.

- Cars Disney

The small cars of Disney cars have conquered the hearts of children and adults. The Toons Shop offers clocks featuring the designs of Flash McQueen, Martin and their friends. Give your child a Disney Cars clock to decorate their room and teach them how to tell the time in a fun way.

- Disney Princesses

Disney princesses are true icons for little girls. So, to please them, choose from the clocks with the effigy of Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, and many others. These lovely clocks will add a magical touch to your child's room.


Clocks for superhero enthusiasts

Superheroes are an integral part of our popular culture. For fans of these masked vigilantes, La Boutique des Toons offers clocks in the image of their favorite heroes.


The Dark Knight of Gotham, Batman, is an iconic character in the DC Comics universe. Treat yourself to a Batman clock to give a dark and mysterious side to your interior decoration.


Clocks for celebrity fans

Celebrities are also entitled to their clock at La Boutique des Toons. From Johnny Hallyday to Betty Boop, discover these unique models that will appeal to hardcore fans.

- Johnny Hallyday

The legendary French rocker, Johnny Hallyday, is immortalized on these exceptional clocks. Add a touch of nostalgia and rock'n'roll to your home with these Johnny Hallyday clocks.

- Betty Boop

Betty Boop, the retro and sexy pin-up, has been a true icon since the 1930s. Its unique style and timeless charm have crossed generations. Opt for a Betty Boop clock to add a glamorous and vintage touch to your decoration. These models will seduce lovers of this famous cartoon heroine.


Clocks for animal lovers

The Toons Shop does not forget animal lovers by offering clocks featuring cute and endearing animals. Perfect for decorating a child's room or brightening up your living room, these clocks will appeal to young and old alike.

- Cats

Cats are animals adored for their grace and independence. The Toons Shop offers several models of clocks featuring these felines. Fall for these fun and trendy clocks that will bring a touch of softness to your interior.


In the end, whether you are a fan of cartoons, superheroes, celebrities, or animals, The Toons Shop has the clock you need. These original and playful decorative objects will fit perfectly into your interior while reflecting your personality. Treat yourself by choosing the clock that suits you from our selection. Remember that these clocks can also make perfect gifts for your family and friends. So, do not hesitate any longer and let yourself be seduced by these unique clocks.