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Showing 1 - 48 of 59 items

Stock up on toys at the toon shop!

Today, all studies have shown that play actively participates in the good development of children, especially by promoting learning in a serene and caring atmosphere. However, you should choose the toy that is best for your child based on his or her age and interests at the time. The toons shop offers a selection of games for girls and boys of all ages.

Vehicles and cars for hours of stories!

The vehicles are fascinating for children. Their colours and functions are of primary interest: this is how the garbage truck, the construction machine, the fire truck or the racing car often find themselves on an equal footing in the hearts of children. They can discover the role and the different transformations of these motor vehicles that they meet at random from their movements and invent many stories.

The radio-controlled car is still as popular with the little ones as well as the largest. Chases and stunts follow one another while ensuring the development of fine motor skills and an essential ability to anticipate to guide the car in a defined trajectory.

Imitation games to develop children's curiosity.

Adults are the perfect role models for children, so what a joy for little girls and boys to play doctor, merchant, mechanic! Attentive to the smallest details, they like to imitate the big people and learn through these miniature games to develop their curiosity. Each trade is a source of inspiration and learning and rich intergenerational discussions!

The figurines of children's favorite heroes.

To replay a scene seen on television, in the cinema or to invent its own stories, articulated figurines (or not) are ideal. Give way to children's imaginations and trust their creativity to stage stories rich in emotions, actions and twists. Don't hesitate to join them to share amazing family moments!