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Gift by event 

Offering gifts is something that shouldn't be a chore. It must come from the heart. When you give gifts, you voluntarily give something without wanting anything in return. Making someone feel special is a more than enough reason to give a gift. If choosing a present for someone has always been a headache for you, this section is what you need.

At first, you will discover tips that allow you to choose the right gift for the right person and for the right occasion. In a second step, you will find different gift ideas for different events.


How to select a great gift for everyone and for any occasion


Whether it's the time of the winter vacation, the birthday of a friend or family member, a wedding or any other opportunity to give a gift, selecting the right item to give to someone can be a real challenge. But, although difficult, it is possible to choose an excellent gift every time. How can such a feat be accomplished? By following these 5 practical tips:


Start with a budget

Before you start looking for ideas, you need to set a budget. This won't do you any good if you start looking for and finding a great gift option that you simply can't afford to buy.

Most online retailers allow you to set price settings when you search for items, so you can make sure you only choose gifts that match the size of your wallet.


Consider the opportunity

A gift that would be perfect for a best friend's birthday might not be the kind of thing that should be opened in front of the family at a graduation party. Whether or not the recipient appreciates your choice, you need to think about what should be opened in front of other people who might be present.

For events like weddings, you may want to choose an item that will be useful when transitioning to a new way of life.


Think in color

Everyone has their favourite colors. When choosing items that fall into categories where colors are important, such as clothing and homewares, try selecting an item in a color that will appeal to your recipient. If you don't know which colors the latter prefers, then stay on a neutral color like black, white or gray.


Refer to the person's hobbies and interests

Is the recipient an aspiring photographer? A sci-fi fanatic? A collector of vintage holiday ornaments? Any hobby or interest can guide your choice of gifts, so don't be afraid to travel through familiar territory to come up with ideas.

You can feel like you're not original by opting for something your recipient is very involved in. But think again, give him a new opportunity to devote time to something he loves will always be well received.


Don't be afraid to be unique

The ability to shop online can open up a multitude of options that you didn't even know existed. Some sites specialize in unique offers that you won't find at the store next door. For example, you can find machines to make breakfast sandwiches, pencils and vintage wristwatches by buying online. You won't find objects like this anywhere. So don't be afraid to continue your search and see what inspires you. When you find the right item, you'll know what to do.


Gift ideas for each event


Therefore, here is a list of some super cool ideas that could make your loved ones feel very special and give you the joy that lies in the act of giving:


Which birthday gifts to choose?

The thing about birthdays is that everyone has them. This means that after a few decades, ideas begin to run out. But don't touch the panic button yet. That is why we are here. Consider these ideas as our gift to you:


  • King-sized sweets may be the perfect gift to match their insatiable sweet tooth. This level of candy debauchery might be disapproved by anonymous eaters, but life is too short to shame sugar.
  • A well-equipped army knife. If you want to offer something, opt for something useful. This is the perfect gift for the survivalist who loves this extra layer of security.
  • You can always play the humor card by opting for mugs with funny phrases or magic candles that will come back on the cake.


What Valentine's Day gifts should you choose in 2020?

Everyone has different feelings about buying gifts for Valentine's Day. For some people, it's the number one public celebration of romantic love this year, while for the most cynical, it's a crude intrusion of mercantilism into our personal lives. The only thing that doesn't change is that you have to buy something for your partner. Here are some tracks that will hit every time:


  • A jar filled with words of love. Valentine's Day is a wonderful opportunity to stop fighting for a whole day and express your love again. A romantic jar containing thirty messages imbued with love will surely please your soul mate.
  • Experiences are the best gifts. Shopping together on Friday nights is not enough after a while. Hitting the exotic driveway might look like a walk on the wild side, but you'll need to add a little more spice than that. Test the boundaries of the relationship with an impulsive and fearless exit that could reveal some hidden facets of yourself and your partner and elevate the intimacy factor.
  • A glamorous gift style a Betty Boop cushion or a Playboy necklace, is something that will almost always have an effect on your half. 


Great retirement gifts to choose from

Retirement is an important step in the life of your favorite senior. Whether you're looking for sentimental and thoughtful retirement gifts or useful things, you can find your retirement gift muse below:


  • A personalized travel card. The world is a huge place, and it can be hard to know where your loved one has gone and where he still wants to go. A custom travel card with flags and pins could very well be what it needs. In addition, this card is an excellent decoration for a living room.
  • A bonsai. Over the centuries, the practice of bonsai culture has been refined into a special art in Japan, laden with symbols related to balance, harmony and the different stages of life. Chances are your favorite pensioner will fall in love with it.


What gifts for Mother's Day?

The first Mother's Day was in 1914, when Woodrow Wilson decided it was time to book a special day to honor the ships through which we all entered this world. But you didn't come here for a history lesson, did you? You've come here to check out the best Mother's Day gift ideas on the Internet. Here are a few:


  • A heart-shaped waffle machine. It is never too early to spread love. And with a heart-shaped waffle maker, all your mom has to do is spread the dough, and all the symbolism of love appears all alone, as if by magic.
  • A jar of family memorabilia. As your parents get older, they start to forget things. Good memories begin to be rejected in favour of small grievances like the time you forgot to take out the trash. Applying positive memories through a physical and ritualized system like this can sometimes be the only way to never forget the good times spent with your mom.


What Father's Day gifts should you prefer?

Searching for gifts for Father's Day is not an easy task. Of course, you always have the classic categories you can always count on: watch, cologne, gadget... But it's always good to look at your options just to see if something is missing. We're sure you'll find something your dad likes below:


  • A drone with a professional camera. Professional-quality drones are now affordable and are perfect for making cinema-quality videos. It will undoubtedly awaken the cinephile who sleeps in your father.
  • A smartwatch. Just because someone wants to have a smartwatch doesn't mean she has to ruin her sophisticated wardrobe. Conversely, just because someone wants an elegant watch doesn't mean it has to be as stupid as an old watch. A smart touchscreen watch fills this gap elegantly, with a classic analog-style dial and Android and iOS compatibility. The touch screen allows your dad to send text messages, track his activities, monitor the quality of his sleep, control the music on his smartphone and of course tell the time.