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    Showing 1 - 78 of 78 items

    Discover the beautiful world of Barbie and her friends

    Your little girl is particularly Barbie fan ?  Buy her the best school equipment in the image of this timeless doll. Our shop offers practical and fashionable derived school equipment and supplies.


    Barbie, the timeless doll

    All the little girls love it. Barbie is a 29cm doll, created and distributed by the Mattel brand since 1959. Made of plastic, it is a slender mannequin doll with long hair.

    Sold billions of copies worldwide since its inception, Barbie has become the heroine of several children's animated films, in which she plays several roles. Accompanied by her friends, Skipper, Chelsea, Stacie, Krissy, Todd and many others, she eventually became the heroine of the girls.

    Not only the girls, the boys also identified with the male version doll of Barbie, named Ken, who will assume the role of Barbie's lover.  It's also an icon  which inspired the creation of many Barbie equipment and supplies, as well as  children's toys.


    Barbie's universe

    Plastic toy, the Barbie mannequin doll has long been a role model. If some girls would like to look like her,  most enjoy playing with this doll: styling it, dressing it up or making it up.  Indeed, Barbie has proposed for decades, a way of life that little girls identify with: travel with friends, beach, camping, cooking workshops, shopping, fashion shows and many others. The world of Barbie, characterized by the color pink and its variations,  has always fascinated little girls, so much so that it has evolved over time. Today, the doll is 60 years old, but has not taken any wrinkles.


    Evolution de Barbie

    We know the Model Barbie, who always dresses well, sometimes rock, sometimes romantic and sometimes with beach clothes. But over time, Barbie has also assumed several roles: babysitter, nurse, cook,  sportswoman, teacher and many others. These perpetual changes have allowed Barbie to become an exceptional doll for little girls, the one that accompanies them all their lives.

    What also fascinates the doll is that it has adapted to the culture and Trend Social. If the original Barbie was tall, slender, blond hair and dream body, today's Barbie can be tall, small, plump, brunette,  redhead, black-skinned, curly hair, with a disability and many others.  All girls, regardless of their background, can identify with each other  to this doll. Today, there are even Barbie dolls in the image of great female personalities.


    Barbie school equipment and supplies

    Barbie is so fascinating that all the little girls want her present in their daily lives.  At the Toons shop, we offer to accompany the girls, in their daily lives, with equipment and School supplies in barbie's image.  We have a wide range of equipment suitable for children from 3 years old. Our supplies are for little girls from kindergarten to high school. Our Barbie shop offers a whole collection of doll-derived products:

    Barbie bags and bags

    A binder to carry things on a daily basis? We have a wide range of Barbie binders in all sizes and shapes. Wheeled bags, backpacks, lunch bags, tasty bags or roller-range backpacks and pool bags, the models are endless. Our schoolbags and Barbie bags are available in quality materials suitable for your children.  

    Barbie Kits

    We also have Barbie kits rectangular or cylindrical, to contain school effects such as pen, pencil, erasers and felts.

    Color pencils, pen, felts

    Our shop also sells packets of coloured pencils and Barbie felts by 12. Looking for a multi-color pen for your little girl? Take a walk through our Barbie cave to find the best model.  We also have water paint and gouache in the doll's effigy.

    Diary and labels

    Does your little girl love to write? Give it the Barbie diary birthday or special occasion.  She will be delighted to have a tool on which she can write her thoughts, dreams or inspirations.  To embellish his diary, you can also buy him the lots of label that we offer.

    Other accessories

    In addition to the supplies needed for the school, we also have many Barbie accessories such as keyrings, slate tables, lunch boxes and other equipment needed for school days.


    Quality products

    All of our Barbie products are high quality and guaranteed products. We ensure the safety of children first and foremost. We guarantee environmentally friendly and safe supplies for little girls. All our products are available in pink color, characteristic of the doll, but also have other colors such as purple, red and other variations of the pink color.