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    Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items

    Discover the little world of SpongeBob on the Toons Shop


    You fell in love with SpongeBob ? The Toons shop has several products bearing the image of this remarkable character. Mugs, cushions, alarm clocks and even school equipment are available. Visit our shelves and treat yourself!


    The origin of SpongeBob


    First of all, SpongeBob is an American comedy animated series. It is the work of the animator and former biologist Stephen Hillenburg. She first appeared on television on the 1stEr May 1999. According to history, Hillenburg created SpongeBob in 1984. At that time, he was studying marine biology.

    The yellow sponge is a character inspired by the sea sponge. He was one of the characters in a comic book called The Intertidal Zone. A passionate animation enthusiast, Hillenburg ended up taking training in the field. Around 1996, he worked with Nickelodeon to create the SpongeBob series. The first episodes began on July 17, 1999 and the story captivated the public. In 2000, the series was a great success.

    On November 19, the first film SpongeBob appeared in cinemas. Currently, the little yellow sponge with big smiles is an international success and the series is translated into different languages.


    The characters in the series


    The series tells the story of the adventure and daily life of SpongeBob and the inhabitants of the Sargasso Sea. Obviously, Bob is the main character in the series. It is a yellow square sea sponge that has seduced the public with its optimistic and comic side. He lives in a pineapple and works as a cook at the Restaurant Crabe Croustillant. The property is run by Captain Eugene Krabs, a greedy and stingy crab. He's still friendly.

    Patrick Star of the Sea is another sympathetic character in the series. It's a pink starfish that lives in a rock near Bob's house. We should also mention Sandy Ecureuil, a friend of Bob's who possesses a great dexterity in karate. Unable to breathe underwater, she must always wear an astronaut's suit. Don't forget Sheldon Plankton, the green copypod who plays the role of Krabs' nemesis. With the help of his wife, a computer named Karen, he tries to steal the secret recipe of the famous Krabs crab burger. All this beautiful little world has been making children happy for quite some time.


    The SpongeBob Universe


    The series SpongeBob has won numerous awards, confirming its success.  The public also loves the products derived from the show. These become more diverse over time. These include toys, pajamas, flip flops and clothing. The series is also adapted into video games. Currently, more than twenty titles adapted to different media, including PV and consoles, are available. There are also electronic objects as well as equipment and SpongeBob school supplies.


    SpongeBob derivatives


    At the Toons shop, all fans of the yellow sea sponge are really spoiled. Indeed, you will find here several articles in the colors of this funny and adorable character. As a specialist in the sale of school luggage, for example, we offer School equipment SpongeBob. But we also have seductive decorative items that will find room in your home.


    • Schoolbags and School Effects SpongeBob

    Find on our shelves, schoolbags and school effects SpongeBob that stand out in terms of quality. Their robustness is assured, as these items are made with care is from the right material, . Our department consists of wheeled bags, kits of different shapes and also filled kits.


    • SpongeBob deco accessories

    Our shop also has a collection of accessories Deco SpongeBob. For your bedroom, there's polar plaid, table and chair sets, metal lockers and eye-catching alarm clocks. The cushions, mini tables, stools, photo frames and clocks can also embellish your décor. Don't forget the reels and soap doors that will find room in the bathroom.

    To store waste, a sponge bob basket will be ideal.  Finally, if you are looking for a softie for your child, you can also offer him the plush with the effigy of the square sponge.


    • SpongeBob dishes

    To better equip your kitchen, we also offer SpongeBob dishes. Find in our shelves butter, cup, toaster, bowl and glass. They all display the pretty smile of the square sponge. We also have different kinds of mug. Each product has an exceptional charm.