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Discover the history of Playboy and the world of its famous rabbit


Hugh Hefner's famous bow bunny seduces you or are you a Playboy fan ? Just like some celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Snoop Dogg, buy the products derived from this Playboy logo. Our shop has a wide range of fashion clothes and accessories in the image of this famous rabbit.


Playboy  a brand that stands out

Playboy is the name of an American erotic magazine that was founded in 1953 thanks to Hugh Hefner. Each month, the magazine exhibits nude photos of women as well as various articles dealing with entertaining themes related to fun and sexuality most of the time. Playboy immediately won over men.

For the second issue of the magazine, art director Art Paul created a logo that looked like a black rabbit with a bow tie. Hugh Hefner immediately liked the idea. According to the founder of Playboy, the rabbit symbolizes fertility and sex.

Note that the monthly magazine is published in 23 countries. It currently sells thousands of copies. Its logo has also been a huge success. It has become a popular icon and now there are different Playboy Bunny products.  They include clothing, underwear and various fashion accessories.


The Playboy Universe

Playboy appeared at a time when repression and conservatism dominated American society. It must be said that Hugh Hefner practically shook up the codes by launching a color magazine featuring pictures of. In addition, "Hef" has chosen the model that will illustrate the first issue. It was the seductive and beautiful Marilyn Monroe.

The magazine's content has continued to evolve, which has also contributed to its success. Initially, Playboy was a product dedicated solely to men. But with the appearance of the charming rabbit and bunny, a young woman wearing bunny ears and a fur tail, this image has changed. Indeed, the world of Playboy has finally seduced women. Many of them wear fashion items with elegance and pride Playboy bunny.


Playboy License Articles

 On the shelves of the Toons shop, we provide you with Playboy derivatives. They are wonderful gifts for men and women on the lookout for trend. There is every taste and desire and we guarantee the quality and authenticity of each product.


  •  Playboy Jewelry

Need a piece of jewelry that could give you an authentic look? We offer you a rich collection of Playboy jewelry. On our shelves, you'll find necklaces, earrings, navel piercing, bracelets and many other accessories that combine uniqueness and elegance. Moreover, they are at the heart of the trend.


  • Playboy bags

For the storage of your everyday belongings, wear a stylish Playboy bag. We offer a wide range of products made with quality materials. In terms of style, the choice is wide. Between the wide sequin, the pouch, the shoulder bag, the courier bag and the classic handbag, choose the carrying tool for you. In addition, the bags are to be discovered in different colors. There are sober models dedicated to fans of the classic style and models with flashy tone for the most daring women.


  • Playboy leather goods

Our shop also has a rich collection of Playboy leather goods. Not only do they have an elegant and seductive design, but they also have that original side; all this, thanks to the presence of Hugh Hefner's famous rabbit. On some items, he wears the black bow tie; on others, he dresses in a more cheerful tone like yellow.


  • Playboy watches

A must-have fashion accessory for both men and women, the watch is added to the list of products available on our special Playboy department. The choice is particularly wide in terms of colour and style. The Playboy watches roses will certainly amaze women. The all-black models will on the other hand seduce the most stylish men.


  • Playboy decoration accessories

In fact, you will also find on our shop Playboy deco. The first step is to call back the alarm clock that will be on your bedside table. There are also cushions in various shapes and colours as well as folding stools and bar stools that deserve a place in your living room.


  • The Playboy gift box

Eager to please a true fan of Hugh Hefner's famous rabbit? Find on our shelves a great selection of Playboy gift box.


  • Playboy crockery

Eager to beautify your collection of kitchen utensils? We offer a range of glass, mug and Playboy crockery. Each product will bring you a smile with the image of the rabbit with the black bow tie or that of the pink Bunny that decorates them.