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Sugar & Babe 

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

Sugar & Babe - another style of life

Sugar & babe is a new concept of licence arrival freshly of the Japan where the licence is now a carton.

This new style of design was developed by Crown Creative Co.

The idea of Sugar & Babe is based on 2 mysterious and sexy cats:

-Sugar is white, glamorous and sexy chat

-Babe is a more mysterious, black and independent cat.

In the daily, Sugar & Babe are two sisters born in London who are involved in a career of Rock & Roll musicians.

Two cats represents the Japan the rise of glamorous culture and Japanese rock, currently this culture already invaded other countries.

the slogan:

Bring some Sugar & Babe in your life!

(Bring a bit of Sugar & Babe in your life)