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The story of Tweety and Sylvester :

There was once an old lady who loved animals, she wanted a pet bird. It is renda so in a shop for animals but she did not find this bird that the fill of happiness, she bought so a bird cage in the hope that happiness comes may be one day ring his doorbell.

On the path that has remenait in his car, she heard a hissing sound, she looked up and saw a bird singing on a tree branch. This bird has been Titi. The old lady immediately fell under the spell of this bird, it therefore climbed the tree to reach. < /em >

The task proved to be very difficult, indeed the tree was huge, Titi had landed on a high branch, the old lady was not very reassured, but she can't wait to join him. Arrived at the top of the tree near the bird, the old lady was exhausted, she opened the door of the bird cage, she picked up the small Canary and placed it in its cage, and then she came slowly from the tree down any happy, she led him in his house.

But Titi was not accustomed to living in a cage, he then managed to open the cage and balada quietly in the House. The old lady also had a cat named Sylvester, this cat loved birds for his lunch, when he saw the small Canary he ran immediately to devour him.It was not counting on the monitoring of the old lady who stopped Sylvestre in its tracks and immediately handed the small Canary in its cage. Titi had understood that it would still be safe as long as he would stay in his cage and that the old lady was going to ensure her safety and happiness.

Over time, Sylvester the cat learned to live with the small Canary Tweety. He had to find a new Playmate even if his ideas of feast were never far away. The old lady lived very happy accompanied by her cat Sylvestre and its small Canary Tweety who brought him the Sun at each of his songs. 


Titithe smartest Canary in the world of cartoons made its sensational entry on the shop of Toons. Program: Accessories, jewelry, articles of deco and figurines in the colours of < stroNG >Titi. But be careful! The trickster Sylvester n’est jamais très loin dans les parages.