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The short story of Titi and Grosminet :

Once upon a time there was an old lady who loved animals, she absolutely wanted a pet bird. So she went to an animal shop but she couldn't find the bird that would fill her with happiness, so she bought a birdcage hoping that happiness might one day ring her doorbell. On the way back to her car, she heard a hiss, raised her head and saw a bird singing on a tree branch. This bird was called Titi. The old lady immediately fell in love with this bird, so she climbed on the tree to join him. The task proved very difficult, indeed the tree was huge, Titi was placed on a very high branch, the old lady was not very reassured but she was so eager to join him. Arriving at the top of the tree near the bird, the old lady was exhausted, she opened the door of the birdcage, she picked up the little canary and put it in her cage, then she gently descended from the tree all happy, she then led him into her house. But Titi was not used to living in a cage, so he managed to open the cage and went quietly around the house. The old lady also had a cat named Sylvester, this cat loved birds for his lunch, when he saw the little canary he ran immediately to devour it. This was without counting on the watch of the old lady who stopped Sylvester in her tracks and immediately put the little canary back in her cage. Titi understood that he would always be safe as long as he remained in his cage and that the old lady would look after his safety and happiness. In time, Sylvester the cat learned to live with Titi the little canary. he had just found a new playmate even though his feast ideas were never far away. The old lady lived very happily in the company of her cat Sylvestre and her little canary Titi who brought her the sun to each of her melodies. 


Titi, the smartest canary in the cartoon world, makes a smashing entrance on the Boutique des Toons. On the program: accessories, jewellery, decorative items and figurines in the colours of Titi. But be careful! The deceitful Sylvester is never far around.