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    Ninja Turtle 

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    Showing 1 - 27 of 27 items

    Discover the world of Ninja Turtles 


    Does your child love the mutant turtle gang? You can make her happy by offering her Ninja Turtle school equipment and supplies. At our shop, you can take advantage of the best deals. Take a tour of our shelves to discover them!


    The Birth of Ninja Turtles   


    The adventure of the Ninja Turtles or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) debuted thanks to Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. They created these fictional characters in 1984. The story tells the fate of four baby turtles who accidentally fell into a mutagen liquid.

    Splinter, the pet rat of a Japanese ninja master named Hamato Yoshi discovered them while he was on the run in the sewers after Yoshi's assassination. He decided to remove them and collect them despite the risk he faces from being in contact with the chemical.


    The 5 animals actually mutated because of the mutagen fluid. They have become smarter and they have acquired human dexterity. Having a book on Renaissance art, Splinter drew inspiration from the book to create the names of the turtles. He named them Michelangelo (Michelangelo), Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio),  Leonardo (Leonardo da Vinci) and Donatello (Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi).

    The 4 mutant turtles, trained by Spinter who masters ninjatsu after observing his master Yoshi, have become a ninja clan. They master martial arts and the handling of different weapons. Their mission is to defend justice.


    The characters of Ninja Turtles


    Mutant turtles are the key characters of the Cartoons and Movies Ninja Turtle. There's Leonardo with his blue headband. He's the most serious of the bunch and he likes to give orders. There is Raph or Raphael, the turtle with the red headband, known for his slightly violent temperament and humor.

    Donatello, the turtle with the purple headband, is the most peaceful of the brothers. He is also an intellectual and a science enthusiast. Don't forget Michelangelo, the turtle with the orange headband. He is the youngest and he does have a childish attitude. Still, he's an excellent ninja.

    Splinter, Yoshi's rat, plays the role of adoptive father and master for turtles. By being in contact with mutagen fluid, it has also become a humanoid mutant rat. Endowed with great wisdom, he works to protect turtles from the outside world.


    The world of ninja turtles


    Initially, Eastman and Laird wanted to create a bloody-style book for young readers. But their first work in Daredevil was a huge success. They decided to launch a series of comic books. The adaptation of the story of mutant turtles on television was on the agenda. A license to manufacture Ninja Turtle figurines has also s emerged.

    The first TV series with 10 seasons and 193 episodes was released in December 1987. A year later, the production of toys related to the series also began. The Ninja Turtle range has expanded. Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello and Leonardo appeared on various media such as clothes, candy, shoes, key rings, plates and school supplies and equipment. New animated series and films about turtles have also appeared.


    Ninja Turtle School Supplies and Equipment


    Mutant turtles are among the favorite heroes of children and teenagers. It is not surprising that derivatives and Ninja Turtle School Equipment are growing in popularity.  If you want to offer a binder or supplies bearing the image of the 4 ninjas to your child, the Toons Shop can satisfy you. As a specialist in school luggage, we have chosen the best products for your children.


    • Ninja Turtle bags and bags

    On our shelves, Ninja Turtle bags and bags are spread out. They come in all shapes and colours. High-end backpacks and backpacks will delight the little ones. There are models that are suitable for kindergarten students. For older ones, backpacks with a larger volume are also available. Your little sportsmen will also find in our shelves sports bags in the image of TMNT.

    In addition, we offer the snack bag. Our Ninja Turtle bags and bags are decorated with images of mutant turtles. They are also strong and rich in colour, which can only delight children.


    • Ninja Turtle Kits

    We also have a collection of Ninja Turtle Kit. To help your children store their belongings efficiently, the products have been selected based on their strength and size.


    • Ninja Turtle School Supplies

    At the Toons shop, you can also discover various Ninja Turtle School Supplies such as binders, crayons and labels.


    • Ninja Turtle accessories

    Seductively beautiful umbrellas and polar plaids come to compete with our offerings. They are still the image of the 4 turtles.