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Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items

Licensed glasses to please children.

Your children will rejoice by discovering our selection of water or juice glasses in the image of their favorite characters. Indeed, find the glasses of the licenses Cars, Barbapapa, Batman and many others on our website the toons shop. Your child will be delighted to have his own drink that he will easily recognize among all the glasses in the family. At a birthday party, each child will choose their own glass, so it's impossible to make a mistake and drink from a classmate's glass: this is a nice way to customize their glass without the need for a glass mark while respecting the barrier gestures!

The long drink glass, an original gift for all!

You are invited to a friend's house and would like to offer an original gift: opt for the long drink with license glass, a high-length glass depicting an icon in the image of Marilyn Monroe, a cartoon character such as Gaston Lagaffe or a logo assigned to a musical group like "the Tongue" of the Rolling Stones. Long drink glass can be filled with cocktails with or without alcohol, sodas or coffee shakes.

For evenings, the shot glass is unanimous!

The word "shot" refers to a "dose" or "small amount," the shot glass is intended to receive a small amount of alcohol. With its mini format, the digestive glass invites you to taste. Shot glasses often represent an advertisement, a logo, a humorous image, a cartoon character, an icon... The toons shop has a wide selection of these liqueur glasses, something to start or continue a nice collection!

Glass-glass or glass-vase?

Compose more colorful glasses by layering your ingredients in small or large transparent glasses! Choose the glass format you prefer and the license that inspires you and then look for recipes for glassware suitable for warm dinner aperitifs with friends.

Spring is back and daisies and other small wildflowers are reappearing! Children like to compose beautiful bouquets that they bring home. You then have to find a tiny vase that can accommodate the freshly picked flowers. Think of the mini decorated glasses you'll put on a window sill or living room table: your child will love it!