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Showing 1 - 48 of 59 items

Adorable stuffed animals.

Popular with young and old alike, the teddy bear has enjoyed a success that has been growing for decades. At once sweet and comforting, the stuffed animal is part of our daily lives: witness to our joys as well as our sorrows, she knows how to convey our messages of love as to soothe our sorrows. The toons shop is keen to find the most beautiful models and offer them to you at low prices, come quickly to discover our selection!

The must-have stuffed animals of The Disney characters are on our shop!

You loved "The Lion King", you were moved by "Beauty and the Tramp", you laughed with the Bear Balou of the "Book of the Jungle", then you will inevitably fall in front of all these Disney stuffed animals and many others available on our site! Bambi and Panpan, Winnie the Pooh and his friends Piglet, Tigger and Bourriquet not to mention Dumbo the Elephant are soft and beautiful stuffed animals. Which one do you prefer?

Superheroes and manga characters also have their stuffed animals.

Looking for a great gift for a young boy who is a fan of manga? Opt for the plush characters of Dragon Ball Z: Vegeta, his Goku, Beerus are always unanimous! For those who prefer Marvel superheroes, no problem, the toons shop presents the Avengers, Captain America or Spiderman plush toys. These stuffed animals will find their place in a child's room and will participate fully in the decoration.

The teddy bear to say "I love you."

You don't know how to express your feelings towards your loved ones, say "I love you" to your mom, your spouse, a friend... Just do it with an adorable, soft teddy bear! The toons shop has uncovered for you the most seductive plush toys offering charming little hearts. No doubt your loved one will succumb to this elegant statement!

The plush backpack for toddlers.

New! The plush built into toddlers' backpacks! All sweet, super cute, the plush backpack fascinates children and makes parents crack! The nap at nanny, grandpa and grandma or school will no longer be a problem: indeed, thanks to its removable plush, it is impossible to forget the essential softie for a serene little sleep. In addition, a large selection of plush is available on the toons shop: which one will you adopt? The tiger, the panda, the unicorn, the rabbit, the fox, the elephant, the crocodile...

Personalize your business with the plush keyring!

When you're a fan of stuffed animals, you like to show them and carry them everywhere! Thanks to the keyring, the plush hangs on various objects. The identification of a bag, a kit, a school bag is greatly facilitated!

Transgenerational, small, yellow, sometimes devil, sometimes demon, always adorable, the plush key ring Titi has the coast with young people and amuses the oldest of us. Discover on our shop all the models to collect!