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Schoolbag a boy roulette 

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Showing 1 - 48 of 108 items

For several years now, the wheeled school bag has become a must in school playgrounds. Practical, aesthetic, popular with children and parents, this accessory has many advantages! What are they and what are wheeled binders of the moment for your boy ? We conducted the investigation in the article!

Focus on the benefits of the wheeled binder

Whether in kindergarten or elementary school, the school bag is an accessory in which our children store many things! Apart from their kit, pencils, notebooks and books, they can also keep their snacks, their games for recreation, their softie, possibly a handkerchief and in some cases a change for the day. In short, the binder can quickly turn into a real ali baba cave and it weighs heavily on the backs of our children! While the storage capacity and the many compartments offered by the binders are important, it is also necessary to take into account its practicality and especially its ergonomics in order to preserve the physical health of the youngest. Also, the wheeled binder proves to be an interesting alternative to the classic backpack for several reasons.

The wheeled binder saves your boys' back

That is probably one of those key assets. Thanks to its wheels and telescopic handle, the wheeled binder allows children to roll their bag rather than having to carry it on their backs. By carrying it like a suitcase on wheels, the load is less important and the back is preserved. The child will then be able to allow himself to put more things in his binder since he will not have to carry it.

The wheeled binder adapts to the circumstances

If its wheels are its main selling point, it should be noted that the vast majority of the bags on wheels also have straps in order to be able, if necessary, to be worn occasionally on its back. These straps allow children to easily climb stairs or curbs without having to lift their bag at arm's length.

The boys' wheeled bag is hygienic

This was one of the disadvantages presented by the parents in front of the trolley binders: with the wheels lying around, they lamented a lack of hygiene of this type of bag. To remedy this, manufacturers have innovated and this type of binder can now be offered with an accessory used to cover the wheels to protect against dirt accumulated along the way. In addition, the shoulder straps are equipped with a winding system so as not to touch down.

Boys' wheeled schoolbags are on trend in kindergarten and elementary school

The trolley binder, also known as a trolley bag, has been very popular in kindergartens and primary schools for several years. This last argument, which may seem less important, is nevertheless valid in the eyes of your children! By adopting this trend, you may give them a little help to socialize more easily with their peers of the same age.

Boy's wheeled binder: what are the trends of the moment?

It would be a shame to offer your boy a brand new wheeled binder having missed the trend of the moment. Also, so as not to be mistaken, our specialists will enlighten you on the latest fashions on this subject!

Boy's wheeled binder: Heroes still so much appreciated

You've certainly noticed, your boy swears by his favorite heroes! In addition to watching them on television, framing them in his room, collecting figurines in their effigies, he obviously wants to wear it proudly on his wheelie bin! Luckily, the manufacturers thought of everything! You'll be able to find an Avengers binder, Batman, SpongeBob, Dinotrux or Harry Potter to name a few.

Boy's wheeled binder: Sport, the trend on the playground

Apart from film and cartoon heroes, sport is also very fashionable among boys. Depending on his tastes, you will be able to find him a schoolbag bearing the image of the Champions League, Real Madrid, Ligue 1, FC Barcelona, NBA etc. He will be able to support his favourite sports club, even at school! It is also an opportunity to make new friends through common interests.

Boy's wheeled binder: Brands for the most fashion-loving

Brand binders remain and will always be trendy in the school environment. Also, many creators have signed up in this segment and we can find in particular Ikks, Rip Curl, Redskins, White Pepper, Kipling or Kaporal among the best known.