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Correction and pencil cutters  

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Showing 1 - 43 of 43 items

Choose your concealer and pencil size


For back-to-school, you'll have to prepare a whole list of supplies for your child. The backpack, the kit, the notebooks, the pencil, the scissors, the pens, the binder... It's important not to forget anything. By focusing on certain elements, you will be able to ignore the small details. To make it easier for you, the Toons store has more than 50,000 items in stock to meet all your needs. You will discover in the catalogue a wide selection of proofreaders and pencil sizes from the biggest brands.


Different tools for correction


A concealer is an indispensable tool that must be found in the kit. It corrects an error or erases a fault in order to rewrite the correct word or phrase.


  • Gum

It is an indispensable tool for all paper pencil users. The gum can erase scratches, misspellings and others. It is also used to correct the imperfections of a drawing. The gum models offered by the Toons shop can be used on all types of paper. You will be able to make your corrections without leaving a trace.


To make the right choice, you need to consider the use of the tool. For children, you can choose Studio Pets gum or Anekke gum. Thanks to their practical and playful sides, MAPED CONENCT SOFT's double pencil-size erasers will appeal to your little ones. They'll avoid losing his stuff. In addition, you can choose from different colors.


For teens who are starting to make more accurate drawings in geometry, science or physics/chemistry, choose bic rubber pebble, synthetic rubber triangle gum or CTM soft and clean gum. Gum pens can also be fun for your teens. In addition, they are easy to use and rechargeable. For very technical uses, you can opt for the technical gum of the brand STAEDLER or the gum MAPED Technic Ultra.


  • The re-writer

Thanks to the MAPED or BIC rewriter, writing errors can be corrected in the blink of an eye. You will have white ink on one side to erase and blue ink on the other to rewrite. In addition, this tool slips discreetly into the kit. After testing it, your child will no longer be able to part with it. It is also an indispensable office tool. Having a pen and concealer in one tool can really make your life easier. There are also other models like Magic Plus Paper Mate erasers. You can choose between a bevelled or fine tip.


  • The correction pen

The classic corrective pen makes it easy to correct spelling errors and scratches without having to go through the gum. Thanks to a quick drying, the rewrite will be done faster! In addition, it fits easily in the kit, like a pen.


  • Correction mice

To erase an error and get a flawless rendering, the corrector is the ideal tool. The Toons shop offers patch mice to perfectly mask the ink of the pens. You can choose from many models. Those of the CTM brand will surprise you with their effectiveness, whether you opt for a corrective mouse of 3 meters or 15 meters.


Models from the BIC brand also have something to please adults and children alike. They stand out for their ultra-trendy and fun side. These are 6-metre Mini Pocket Mouse models. You will be won over by the motifs, on the one hand very summery and on the other hand very sober. The Toons shop also sells the 10-metre dry concealer from the UHU brand.


Anyway - the idea of the correct mouse is to avoid large white spots that can be unsightly. This tool also promises a much shorter drying time than other types of concealers. The correction tape is very thin and will mask errors in subtlety. To use it, you have to place the tip on the sheet, gently pull the white stripe on the part you want to correct. The models on sale by the Toons shop offer optimal accuracy.


Pencil sharpeners


Pencil cutters are in high demand throughout the school year. They are used to shape the pencil mine. It must be thin and sharp to make perfect strokes or drawings. The Toons shop offers different styles of pencil-cutting for adults and children. For your little tip, choose the Croc Croc pencil sizes from the MAPED brand. He will appreciate this very playful side with this representation of rabbit rather funny. You can choose from different colors.


You can also opt for the Anekke Sweet pencil sharpener for your little girl or the Studio Pets model if your child loves animals. In addition, the GLOBE-shaped MAPED pencil sharpener will have something to please. The 2-hole MAPED Igloo pencil sharpener can also be a good option, whether for small or large. In addition, the model is equipped with a storage reserve to store pencil debris.


You'll also find models specially designed for left-handers. You can also favour 2-in-1 models, that is, the double pencil-sharpener with built-in eraser. There are small models for toddlers and others of normal size.


In any case, you are guaranteed high quality products at very attractive prices. Indeed, the Toons shop reserves items for all budgets. You will save money on the purchase of school or office supplies. Place your order without travelling and have it delivered to your home! Payment is secure and your browsing data will be fully protected. In addition, delivery takes up to 48 hours. You have the option to return your purchase within 15 days if you are not satisfied.