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Proofreaders and erasers 

Welcome to our selection of proofreaders and erasers for school! Here you will find quality products from renowned brands such as BIC, UHU, TIPP-EX, Paper Mate and Maped. Make sure your children are well equipped to correct their mistakes and present clean and neat work throughout the school year. Explore our range and choose the best supplies to support your students' success!

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Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items

The Best Proofreaders and Erasers for School: BIC, UHU, TIPP-EX, Paper Mate and Maped


Back to school is fast approaching, and it's time to prepare the necessary materials to ensure a successful year for your children. Among the essential supplies, proofreaders and erasers play a crucial role in correcting errors and maintaining a clean and neat job. In this article, we will explore the best correctors and erasers from the brands BIC, UHU, TIPP-EX, Paper Mate and Maped, available on La Boutique des Toons. We offer you a detailed guide to help you choose the products best suited to your needs.



- Liquid correctors

BIC: BIC White & Out

The BIC White & Out liquid corrector is a quality product that guarantees fast and accurate correction. It is equipped with an applicator brush for optimal coverage and dries quickly, allowing the user to immediately rewrite on the corrected surface.

UHU: UHU Twist & Glide

UHU Twist & Glide is a liquid concealer offering easy application thanks to its rotating tip. It ensures precise and homogeneous coverage and dries quickly to allow immediate rewriting.

- Tape correctors

TIPP-EX: TIPP-EX Easy Correct

The TIPP-EX Easy Correct tape corrector is a practical solution for quick corrections without drying time. It offers precise and uniform application, and its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip.

BIC: BIC Exact Liner

BIC Exact Liner is another quality tape corrector, offering a clean and precise application. Its pen-shaped design allows easy and comfortable use for everyday corrections.



- Ink erasers

Paper Mate: Paper Mate Replay Max

The Paper Mate Replay Max ink eraser is specially designed to correct mistakes made with erasable ink pens. It features a white erasing tip and a blue tip for rewriting, offering an all-in-one solution for writing corrections.

Maped: Maped Technic

The Maped Technic is another quality ink eraser, with an eraser tip and a rewriting tip. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and precise control during use.

- Pencil erasers

Paper Mate: Paper Mate Arrowhead

The Paper Mate Arrowhead pencil eraser is designed to remove pencil marks without damaging the paper. It is made from a soft and resistant rubbery material, guaranteeing a long service life and efficient use.

Maped: Maped Essentials

Maped Essentials pencil erasers are designed to provide optimal scrub performance without damaging paper. Made of high-quality rubber, these erasers are durable and perfect for everyday use in schools.


How to choose the right concealer or eraser

- Type of correction

The choice between a liquid corrector, tape corrector or eraser depends on the type of errors you want to correct. Liquid and ribbon correctors are ideal for ink errors, while ink and pencil erasers are designed to specifically correct errors made with erasable ink pens or pencils, respectively.


The format of your corrector or eraser can also be an important factor in your choice. Tape correctors and pencil erasers usually have a pen-shaped design, providing a comfortable grip and easy operation. Liquid correctors, on the other hand, can be equipped with an applicator brush or a rotating tip for precise and uniform application.


The quality and performance of a corrector or eraser may vary depending on the brand. In this article, we have introduced products from well-known brands such as BIC, UHU, TIPP-EX, Paper Mate and Maped. By choosing products from these brands, you can be sure of their quality and reliability.


Proofreaders and erasers are indispensable tools for students who want to correct their mistakes and present a clean and neat work. By choosing products from the BIC, UHU, TIPP-EX, Paper Mate and Maped brands, you can be sure to invest in quality items that will last throughout the school year. Don't forget to check out La Boutique des Toons to discover the full range of correctors and erasers and make the best choice for your needs.