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Glue and adhesives

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Glue and adhesives  

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Showing 1 - 21 of 21 items

The glue tube, the essential supply for the start of school.


It's hard to get past the start of the school year and it's an event that needs to be organized well in advance. For some parents, buying school supplies is a real headache. By looking at essentials such as the bag, kit, binder and notebooks, we tend to overlook the small details. In addition, you may be forced to renew some supplies in the middle of the school year. Children and teens are not the only ones who need this kind of supplies.

Indeed, bureaucrats are also concerned. They may need different items for the office. Like pens and scissors, glue and duct tape are, for example, essential supplies for both young and old. An online supplier of school supplies, the Toons shop will meet your needs with a wide selection of adhesives and adhesives.


The glue stick


This is the most common and popular type of glue. From an early age, children participate in awakening exercises and manual labour, involving cutting and bonding operations. Your little tip will need a suitable tool, practical and above all easy to use to carry out its exercises correctly. In primary classes up to high school, your child may have to paste his lessons, his cards and other documents. Even adults need a handy glue to collect documents, etc.


  • The glue stick, the preferred format for children and parents!

The glue stick is the most commonly used format for children in all schools.

You are of course familiar with the famous bestseller of glue sticks, the UHU glue stick Available in three different sizes: 


Small white glue stick UHU (8.2g)

Medium white glue stick UHU (21g)

Large white glue stick UHU (40g)


The white glue sticks close tightly to prevent the glue from drying out.

Its size offers a great practicality because it fits very easily in a kit, and it allows your child a very easy and pleasant grip.


  • An easy-to-use tool

To meet all these needs, the glue stick presents itself as the ideal choice. Its cylindrical and thin format allows this supply to slip discreetly into the kit. In addition, it is very easy to use, since it is only to unblock it, apply it on the part to stick and collect the 2 pieces. Thanks to a great ease of handling, your little one will have no trouble holding him with his little hands. The cap was also designed to be removed and handed over without any difficulty.


  • Quality products

The glue sticks offered by the Toons shop are of very high quality. They are sealed to prevent the tube from drying out. As for the range of UHU glue sticks, you can choose from different sizes: small, medium and large. Be aware that you can buy the glues in batches. It is possible to order either a package consisting of 5 sticks of white UHU glue of 21 g each (small size) or 10 sticks of white glue UHU of 8.2 g each (medium format). In addition to the UHU range, you can also opt for stick glues from the CTM range, available in 36g, 21g and 9g tubes.


The adhesive


Duct tape is particularly used in larger classes, that is, from college. It can be used to attach papers, put up posters, close a cardboard box, repair a book or notebook, etc. Outside of school or the office, duct tape is also essential in the home for carrying out small DIY jobs. It comes in a multitude of forms and formats.


  • Adhesives for any type of use

The Toons shop offers different types of adhesive rolls for all uses. For example, you can choose a roll of transparent tape to assemble parts discreetly. This kind of adhesive is very thin and almost goes unnoticed! You can choose a large format (33 meters long and with a fairly wide width) if you intend to use it at home. If you need a transparent, small-size adhesive roller for the office, choose the 30-metre UHU Rollafix models or the 33-metre CTM models. These are all equipped with a transparent reel.


For your children, choose 10m CTM adhesives and small sizes with a different colour reel. The reel makes it easier and faster to cut the scotch. The result is also more accurate. The Toons shop offers a batch of 3 transparent adhesive tapes with reels. This is an economical option for large families, or if you only want to make a stock of ribbon for the unexpected.


For more complex tasks such as closing a box or various fastening operations, it is recommended to order a thick adhesive roller, with a dimension of 48 mm x 100. This type of adhesive is more solid. Always have one at home and in the office. You will also find in the catalogue of the Toons shop adhesive reels for professional packaging.


Focus on high-quality items for all your orders


Whatever format or type of adhesive roller and tube glue you order on the site, you can be sure of the quality of the products. In addition, the prices have been specially revised to suit all budgets. Thanks to the Toons shop, you'll save more money with attractive rates.


A reliable and fast delivery service


The Toons shop offers a delivery service to make your life easier. Ordering is done entirely online, with ease. Simply select the items you need and fill in the delivery data. Payment is fully secure. Thanks to the HTTPS protocol, you will navigate with complete serenity since your personal information will be protected.


If the item does not meet your requirements, you have 15 days to apply for a return. This proves a real will to satisfy you as best as possible and to retain you. With the Toons shop, buy all the school or office supplies you need on one platform and without getting around. More than 50,000 items are waiting for you in stock!