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    Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items

    The glue tube, the essential supply for the start of school.

    The glue tube is one of the key elements of the Kit your child.

    With the pens and the pair of scissors, these are essentials that your child must have with him every day.

    From an early age your child will be introduced to collage.

    To stick his lessons in his lesson book, stick his homework in his homework book...

    Glue is an essential school supply for your child's re-entry.

    The glue stick, the favorite format of children and parents!

    The glue stick is the most used format by children in all schools.

    You know of course the famous bestseller of glue sticks, the UHU glue stick Available in three different sizes: 

    Small stick of white glue UHU (8.2g)

    Medium stick of white glue UHU (21g)

    Large stick of white glue UHU (40g)

    The white glue sticks close tightly to prevent the glue from drying out.

    Its format gives it great practicality because it fits very easily in a kit, and it allows your child a very easy and pleasant grip.

    No matter the hood, your child will be able to remove it and put it back very easily.

    For followers of Scotch or duct tape, we also have a wide range of products available on our Website.