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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

A wide selection of highlighters at La Boutique des Toons.

The highlighter, invented in the early 1970s, is a type of felt pen which has been a huge success since its inception.

Today, markers are ubiquitous in the Kit schoolchildren.

What's so special about them? To be able to highlight part of a text with neon ink while keeping perfect legibility.

The highlighter is the student's best friend in college, it allows to highlight the main ideas of a text and to be able to revise easily and efficiently.

You don't have to introduce yourself to the Stabilo brand, a classic in the world of highlighters.

Some people even sometimes replace the word "highlighter" with the name "stabilo" thanks to the flagship success of the Stabilo Boss model.

The biggest brands of highlighters are available on our website.

Highlighters in original or basic colors.

Many people immediately think of neon-coloured models when it comes to highlighters.

However, many new original models have appeared on the market.

Notably the pastel collection of Stabilo that convinced a large part of fans of highlighters!

Come quickly to discover our wide range of quality highlighters on our website The Toons shop.