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Showing 1 - 48 of 160 items

Writing at the service of schoolchildren


That's it! Back to school is coming soon. You end up with a long list of school supplies and a very tight schedule that does not allow you to do all the shopping. However, it is important to prepare in advance all the equipment your child needs to avoid unpleasant surprises. Why don't you buy everything you need online? The Toons shop offers more than 50,000 items to meet your requests. To complete your child's kit, choose from a range of writing materials from the biggest brands on the market. The platform also has something to help you complete your office supplies.


The felt pens


The felt pen is an indispensable working tool, whether it is to write, color, highlight, mark or draw. Your child will need it to take notes, highlight important phrases, etc. Choose from a wide range of models. The felt pen can also be used for fun in handicrafts: decorating a diary, writing in a souvenir book, etc. It is also a must-have for office workers. It will be used to record important appointments, create think-beasts, etc.


  • Find PAPER MATE's felt pens

The Toons shop offers models of felt pens designed by large factory houses. The brand PAPER MATE offers felt pens with a wide range of colors, all as sparkling and greedy as each other: black, red, green, blue, pink, turquoise, pink, orange, brown, apple green, gray, navy blue, light blue, olive green, salted caramel, raspberry lolipop, sparkling raspberry, guava, gumdrop, gumdrop, green gum, blueberry, raspberry, , light orange, cranberry, pumpkin and orchid pink. The fine tip allows you to enjoy greater precision. This is also ideal for coloring small surfaces with finesse.


  • Products from other brands are also present on the site

The Point 88 models from the STABILO brand will also meet your requirements. You will also have the choice among different original colors: brown, dark or light ochre, pine green, leaf green, olive green, blood, apricot, shaded earth, burnt hers, light red, purple, rosé, dark red, lilac, lemon yellow, red heather, light vermilion, overseas, azure blue, cobalt blue, payne grey, medium blue, light grey, etc. You'll especially like the shades of neon colors!


The Toons store also offers a batch of 20 mapED Graph'Peps fine felts or the CTM brand's 12 fine 0.7 mm felts. This option allows you to have multiple colors at once. In short, you have enough to give free rein to your creativity and imagination.


Ballpoint pens


Find a wide selection of ballpoint pens. For example, you can opt for those of the BIC brand. Black, blue, red, green... You have a choice. You can also choose more fun colors like turquoise, pink, purple, neon green, silver or gold. The same brand also offers a model 4 in 1, that is, 4 colors in 1 pen. CTM ballpoint pens might also appeal! This kind of pen makes it easier and faster to write on all types of paper. Handling is much easier than other types of pens. In addition, you will appreciate the quality of these items, whatever you choose.


The gel ink roller pens


The Toons shop offers different models of roller gel pen. You can choose those of the CTM brand, consisting of a Plasma gel. The thin 0.7 mm tip allows for more precise writing. The models of the PILOT brand will also satisfy you in terms of quality.


Whichever model you choose, you're guaranteed quick drying and optimal grip. Thanks to a gel ink roller pen, the writing is more fluid. This type of pen can be perfectly combined with the ballpoint pen and can easily be erased with a concealer.


Feather pens


Beyond a simple writing tool, the fountain pen is a timeless and precious object. It allows to achieve a more delicate, fine and precise writing, as in the good old days! The BRAND ONLINE offers different models with ultra-trendy patterns. You can also opt for those of the MAPED brand, also distributed by the Toons shop.


Markers and markers


Complete your writing supplies by ordering all kinds of markers, highlighters and markers. You will find markers from large permanent markers with warheads such as BIC or CTM. Several colors are available, including black, blue, red, etc. You can also opt for an indelible marker with bevelled tip. The Toons shop also offers erased felts, specially designed for the whiteboard.


You will also find different styles of highlighters, such as those of the brand STABILO (Swing Cool Pastel or Boss Original) or the brand Maped (Fluo'Peps).




To make drawings with ease or take notes, choose the pencils offered by the Toons shop. You will discover in this category "writing" different types of pencils: simple wooden models or with eraser tip, graphite pencil, etc. You'll also find doormines. When it comes to design, you're spoilt for choice, whether you like girly, classic or original models.


Other accessories


Stock up on ink cartridges by ordering the models best suited to your pens! The Toons store offers boxes each containing 100 INk cartridges for fountain pens from the SCHNEIDER brand.

You will also discover in the catalogue, different models of case containing mines HB 2.00 mm, 0.5 mm or HB 0.7 mm.


Ordering is done entirely online. You have the option of suring that you have the payment delivered and made online safely.