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    Welcome to our exclusive selection of markers, where quality meets creativity to bring your ideas to life. Here you will find carefully selected products from renowned brands Sharpie and BIC, specially designed to meet the needs of students and teachers. Immerse yourself in our colorful universe and discover the writing and drawing tools that will accompany you in your academic success and your artistic creations.

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    Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items

    Best Markers for School: Sharpie and BIC


    In the world of writing and drawing, markers occupy an essential place. They have become indispensable in many school, artistic and professional activities. In this article, we introduce you to the best markers for school, focusing on two popular and reliable brands: Sharpie and BIC. You will discover their features, advantages and the different models available in our online store: https://laboutiquedestoons.com/1083-marqueurs.


    Sharpie: the benchmark for markers

    - History and values of the brand
    Sharpie, founded in 1964, is an American brand of premium felt-tip pens. It is known for its innovative and durable products, offering excellent writing performance. Their slogan "Uncap the Possibilities" reflects their commitment to providing creative tools to unleash imagination and encourage self-expression.

    - The advantages of Sharpie markers

    Sharpie markers are valued for their resistance to water, light and friction, ensuring a long service life and excellent color fastness. They also offer a fine and precise tip for a clean and even trace. The range of colors available is very varied, making it possible to find the perfect tone for each project.

    - Sharpie marker templates for school

    Sharpie Permanent Marker: Ideal for art projects and note-taking, this marker features a fine tip and permanent ink, which is water and light resistant.
    Sharpie Twin Tip: This model offers two tips (thin and ultra-thin) for maximum versatility. It is perfect for school work requiring precision and adaptability.
    Sharpie Metallic: This metallic ink marker is ideal for adding a touch of brilliance to your creations. It is available in several metallic colors.


    BIC: an iconic brand for quality markers

    - History and values of the brand

    BIC is a French company founded in 1945, specializing in the manufacture of stationery, lighters and razors. It is known for its accessible, durable and functional products. BIC is committed to providing innovative and environmentally friendly writing solutions.

    - The advantages of BIC markers

    BIC markers are renowned for their reliability, strength and longevity. Their inks are designed to offer uniform coloring and a wide variety of hues. In addition, the tips of these markers are pressure resistant, making them ideal for everyday use in schools.

    - BIC marker templates for school

    BIC Intensity Fine: This fine-tipped marker is perfect for school work that requires precise and careful writing. Its water-based ink is ideal for drawings and notes, as it is light-resistant and does not pass through paper.

    BIC Kids Coloring Marker: Designed especially for children, this marker has a blocked medium tip that resists pressure. Its water-based ink is washable on most textiles, making it easy to clean up accidental stains.

    BIC Velleda 1741: This dry-erasable marker is ideal for writing on whiteboards and other smooth surfaces. Its fine ogive tip allows a sharp and precise writing, and its ink is easily erased without leaving traces.


    How to choose the right marker for your academic needs

    - Assess your needs

    Before buying a marker, it is important to determine how you will use it. For note-taking, drawings or artistic work, fine-tipped markers are the most suitable. If you're looking for a marker to write on whiteboards or other erasable surfaces, go for a dry-erase template.

    - Consider the quality of the ink

    The quality of the ink is essential for optimal results. Make sure the marker ink is resistant to water, light, and friction. Water-based inks are preferable for school work because they are less harmful to the environment and easier to clean.

    - Think about the variety of colors
    Depending on how you use your markers, you may need a wide range of colors. Both Sharpie and BIC offer a wide range of shades, allowing you to choose the ones that best suit your projects.


    Ultimately, Sharpie and BIC are two must-have brands when it comes to choosing markers for school. Their products combine quality, durability and performance, meeting the needs of students and teachers. Do not hesitate to consult our selection of markers on our page to find the models that meet your expectations. With these quality markers, you'll be ready to express your creativity and succeed in your schoolwork with confidence.