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    Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items

    Felts for school as well as for drawing.

    The felt pouch is a school provision indispensable in a schoolboy's panoply.

    Felts are used every day at all grade levels: they are in great demand in kindergarten and primary school but also in demand in certain subjects at the college and high school level.

    The felt pouch can be used at home knowing that colouring is one of the most adored artistic activities of children.

    A wide selection of felts for all ages.

    Each felt pouch is different, either in number or at the tip.

    Indeed, the pouches can be sold by 12, 18, 24... It all depends on your child's usefulness!

    For basic activities in kindergarten, it certainly won't need a 24-felt pouch.

    While at the College or The High School in Plastic Arts, for example, it will certainly be useful to have such a wide range of colors.

    For the mine, the felts can be fitted with a thin, medium or wide tip.

    Many students opt for felt pens fine-tipped tips for taking notes.

    They use the wide range of original colors to create their own color code and learn their lessons more easily.

    The felts can also be packaged in different ways: mainly in pouch but also in metal box or jars.

    Come quickly to discover our wide selection of quality felts, for coloring as for drawing, on our website The Toons Shop.