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Drawing and music 

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Showing 1 - 21 of 21 items

Drawing and music: children's favourite activities


Drawing and music are an integral part of the curriculum for kindergarten and primary classes. Even the smallest students wait impatiently for each class so they can have fun and learn "otherwise." Their joy and excitement are palpable. Parents and teachers are aware of this.




Drawing is an effective way to express one's feelings, unsaid things, dreams, desires... From the age of 12 months, the child is able to draw. He's scribbling. He's doing strokes clumsily. He gradually develops his fine motor skills, the coordination of his gestures, his ability to observe and reproduce. He learns shapes and colors. Then everything changes according to his age. Over time, he enjoys drawing. It has its way of representing the sun, the flower, the dog, the cat, the fish, the car, dad, mom, family... He has the opportunity to share his passion and showcase his talent as a draughtsman.


At school, he learned to coordinate to work his concentration, he was even led to reproduce technical drawings. The exercises offered allow him to develop his creativity, his artistic sense and his precision. Teachers are there to encourage, guide, guide it according to their needs and aspirations, to HIS RYTHME!  They work by remaining attentive to his cognitive development. In addition to drawing, they teach him coloring and painting. The bright and attractive colours of chalk, crayons, felts and paintings amaze him. Everything is allowed. It is, therefore, not surprising to see at the beginning blue tomatoes, red trees or a round not round ...

The child will be happy to show his works to his parents, hang them on the walls or classify them well.


The music


Music is an activity that fascinates and captivates children from an early age. There is classical training in school (musical education, choral workshop, etc.) and private lessons.

Music is a subject dedicated to perseverance, patience, concentration, listening, memory, the organization of thought, open-mindedness, creativity, cohesion and sharing.

Musical awakening is the stage in which the child becomes familiar with sound and noise. He discovers rhymes and songs. He sings. He claps his hands or the drum, and dances according to the rhythms.


The initiation to this discipline promotes his psychomotor and physical development. Musical activities allow him to discover the musical world, develop his musical sense as well as his faculties of learning, to work his oral language, to channel his energy, to identify his tastes... Through the various exercises, the child recognizes the notes. He learns to read music.

Teachers are trained to teach him the language of music. There are many methods of learning. It all depends on the age of the child, the instrument to play (piano, flute, guitar, drums...), his specific needs.

The desire to make music does not appear until later, once they have the required physical and mental faculties.


In order for the child to be able to learn, it is essential to provide the appropriate equipment. White papers or sheets, paintings, magnetic tablets, pencils, crayons, felts, glues, sticky images, music books, musical instruments, etc.

You'll find quality work tools for drawing and music at La Boutique Des Toons. Everything you need for the children's back-to-school as well as for resupply during the year.


 The site offers a variety of practical and high-quality items:

  • CANSON ultra-transparent layer paper (24 x 32 cm)
  • CANSON millimeter paper (A4, 21 x 29.7 cm) for pencil or ink work
  • White C to Grain CANSON drawing paper (12 sheets, A4, 24 x 32 cm)
  • PIRATE plastic pencil pouch (12 colors)
  • LICORNE plastic pencil pouch (12, 18 colors)
  • BIC KIDS colored pencil pouch (12, 18 colors)
  • MAPED Color'Peps 12 bright wax pencils clutch
  • MAPED Color'Peps crayon pouch (12, 18, 24 colors)
  • MAPED Color'Peps Long Life felt pouch (12, 24 colours) with eraseable and ultra-washable ink on both hands and clothing
  • MAGIC VILLAGE 18-felt colouring pouch
  • Lot of 12 fine felts (0.7 mm)
  • Color Peps MAPED 8 glittered felt pouch
  • Lot of 20 fine felts MAPED Graph'Peps
  • 12 felt pocket MAPED Color'Peps Long Life Innovation
  • GIRAFE 12 mini-coloured felt pouch
  • JUMBO MAGIC wide-tipped 12-felt pouch
  • BIC KIDS felt pouch (12, 18, 24 colors)
  • BIC KIDS colouring kit (18 pencils - 12 felts)
  • STUDIO PETS wax pencil pouch (12 colors)
  • Lot of 5 tubes of gouache 10 ml LEFRANC - BOURGEOIS for paper, cardboard and canvas
  • Lot of 3 round brushes 2.8 and 12 LEFRANC - BOURGEOIS
  • Set of 12 wooden brushes suitable for pure or diluted liquid paints (acrylic, watercolor, ink, gouache)
  • Jumbo Round Sidewalk Box of 6 Chalks, ideal for writing on the sidewalk
  • OXFORD Music Book


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