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Backpack on wheels Boy 

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Showing 1 - 48 of 76 items

Enter the world of the boys' wheeled bag on our shop!

Specialized brand in the world of school luggage storage since 2008, our online shop presents here a space dedicated to wheeled bags for boys. Conscientiously selected by our team, the trolley bags undergo an initial examination before you are introduced: design, quality, tariff, ... everything is carefully studied for offer you the best !


Why choose a wheeled bag for your boy's school year?

What is a bag on wheels? Well this is a classic backpack (with two adjustable shoulder straps) to which is attached a system called trolley. This device consists of two wheels, two legs and a telescopic handle. Thanks to him, the bag is easily towed effortlessly.

Opt for a bag with wheels, it is to make the choice of three port modes :

  • placed on the shoulders, thanks to the two straps;
  • towed thanks to the trolley system;
  • hand-held thanks to the top handle.

These three wearing options are adopted according to the load of the material to be transported, the mood of the moment or according to the path taken. All-terrain luggage, the backpack with wheels is undoubtedly the boys' favorite school bag.


Why do boys prefer the wheeled bag to the wheeled binder?

With its rectangular shape horizontally, the satchel with wheels embodies a certain classicism that today's young people do not particularly like. The school bag looks imposing, heavy, which differentiates it from the backpack with a more airy design. Vertical in shape, the backpack – produced in a lightweight waterproof fabric – follows the morphology of the child's back and leaves the latter free of his movements. A real asset for our dynamic young learners, the boys' backpack on wheels has not finished making the law in the schoolyards.


At what age is the boy trolley bag essential?

The backpack with wheels and integrated retractable handle accompanies young students in their school career, from kindergarten to college. That's why you will find on the shop toons wheeled bags for boys from 3 to 15 years old. Maternal wheeled bags, primary wheeled bags or college wheeled bags : this luggage quickly becomes indispensable at any age.


A boy's wheeled bag for kindergarten

For his return to kindergarten, offer your boy a bag with wheels found on the toon shop! This little luggage will become a true companion of the road, support during long school days. Inside you can easily slip in some spare things, your son's blanket, a small communication notebook (parents - teachers) and if necessary a snack. Your boy will be happy to go to school by towing his mini trolley on the way to school.


A trolley bag for your primary schoolchild

In primary school, the boys' school supplies are placed in a backpack with wheels. They are easily organized vertically and well protected. With a bag on wheels, the weight of school materials is no longer an issue. The trolley system integrated into the school bag allows the child to effortlessly tow all the equipment he needs on a daily basis. The CP wheel bag - Primary has a bright future ahead of him!


Your college student also wants his bag on wheels!

After experimenting with the wheel bag in primary school, the middle school student asks for more! So practical and adapted to the morphology of the child, the wheeled bag is exported to secondary school. There he wears himself as well in a backpack on his shoulders as he does shoots himself by hand. Travel is easy and young pre-teens love it !


How to choose the size of your boy's future wheeled bag?

A bag with wheels is not chosen lightly and even less when the purchase of it is done online. That's why we give you some tips in this paragraph so that the wheeled bag ordered is the dream school bag from your son upon receipt of the package.

To give you an idea, here are the dimensions of backpacks recommended according to the sizes of the children. Here we are talking about the height of the bag.


Between 3 and 6 years old (kindergarten) From 27 to 35 cm
Between 6 and 12 years old (primary) From 35 to 45 cm
Over 12 years (college) 40 cm and more


All this is very theoretical but just like shopping for a garment, you must ask yourself a few questions before buying a bag on wheels for your child.

  1. Which age to your boy?
  2. What is the waist of your boy?
  3. What is the corpulence of your boy?


This questioning will allow you to define the ideal size quite precisely of your schoolboy's future backpack on wheels.

Finally, you will think about what your child will have to carry in his trolley bag. So you can define if it is necessary to acquire a bag with a single compartment or several compartments.


What will be the license for your son's next wheeled bag?

The shop of the tonns is the identification of licence baggage. So for sure, whether your boy is in kindergarten or college, he will inevitably find the brand he is looking for.

The Cars wheeled bags, Pat Patrol or dinosaur are very popular with young children. Then come the characters Avengers Super Mario, Harry Potter to name but a few. Later, boys are attracted to the big brands of school luggage namely Rip Curl or Kipling. Athletes, meanwhile, will be keen to choose a bag with wheels with the effigy of their favorite club: Real Madrid, PSG, Barcelona for footballers; Nba for basketball players; Top 14 for rugby players...

If no license makes your child dream, show him our wheeled bags no license. A favorite selection of school luggage on wheels to discover without further delay on our shop!