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Showing 1 - 48 of 115 items

The school kit: a must!


Is your child about to return to school? And this year, you decided to offer him a new school kit? You don't really know how to choose it? Thankfully, we'll explain everything in this article. In addition, we invite you to discover the different models we own on our online store!


What is a school kit?


You certainly need to know what a kit is. After all, you must have one when you were a child. Not to mention the fact that you will have to buy one for your children. Nevertheless, it seems appropriate to remind you of the definition of the latter.

The kit is therefore an instrument where it is possible to put different elements so that a schoolboy can work properly. In other words, the larger a kit, the more it can be filled, keeping in mind that you need to put only what your child needs.

However, choosing a school kit is not necessarily easy. Indeed, we will see below in this page how you can effectively choose the latter.


What should I put in a kit?


Don't really know what to put in your child's kit? Thankfully, we'll tell you all the utensils he'll need to get good grades and work well at school:


  • Paper pencils This is one of the key things you'll need to find in a school kit regardless of your child's age. Indeed, the pencil allows him to erase any errors, in no time. So you can opt for a criterium. However, don't forget to give it a mine refill. Or just a more classic pencil. It can also have both. After all, it's better to have too much than not enough.


  • A pencil sharpener: If your child has a classic pencil in his kit, it's important to opt for a pencil sharpener. However, we much prefer a pencil sharpener with a tank so that the tank doesn't have to get up to throw the chips.


  • A gum: the pencil does not without its gum. Of course, you should know that this is an element that can be placed directly on the pencil or the criterium chooses. Nevertheless, it is better to have a real gum. Indeed, the latter will wear out less quickly, which is rather advantageous.


  • One rule: but it is preferable that the latter be flexible. Indeed, it will be much easier to store in its kit. Plus, it's not going to break. So you'll save a lot of money by opting for a flexible rule for your.


  • Scissors: Yes, at school, it is often possible that your child needs scissors. You can easily find a pair that is perfect for the latter.


  • Markers and highlighters: they are also essential tools when your child goes to school. Nevertheless, we must be careful about the composition of these. Indeed, some are more chemical than others. In addition, to avoid any problems, opt instead for markers and washable highlighters.


  • Color pencils and felts: regardless of the age between kindergarten and primary school, coloured pencils are certainly essential. Children need to express their creativity.


In general, you can easily find all the items your child will need when you receive the list of school supplies. Nevertheless, it's always important to have an idea of what you can potentially put in your boy's future kit!


How do you choose your kit?


Finally, you have all the information about the school kit and any supplies your child will need. However, you don't really know how to make your choice! Thankfully, we'll give you some tips that you should certainly like:


  • The kit should be chosen based on your child's age, but also on the gender: indeed, as you should know girls and boys do not have the same tastes. However, it should also be noted that a primary school student will not have the same needs as a middle school or high school student, for example. It's best to have bigger kits when your kids are small. Indeed, they have more elements to put. Over the years, the kit will evolve, of course.


  • Patterns and colours should also be taken into account: and here we're basically talking about your child's tastes. If he prefers blue or red, why not please him? After all, you're not the one who's going to see her every day in front of her nose. If you want him to work well, as much as it's in good condition, right?


  • Consider the kit's capacity: just because your child likes a particular school kit doesn't mean you have to buy it. Think about all the supplies he'll need to store in his kit. If the model he likes is too small, you have to opt for something else.


It is also important to know that, at present, it is perfectly possible to find emergency kits when purchasing a school kit. This allows your child to be treated quickly, if the child has the right dressings, for example. This is therefore an essential point to take into account as well.


The kit templates we offer!


Think you're finally ready to buy your children's emergency kit? On our shop, we offer a multitude of kits that will appeal to the little ones, but also to the older ones. Let's discover our collection together.


  • Kits with a single compartment

Do you think a single compartment could be enough for your child? Thankfully, we can offer a multitude of school kits for both girls and boys. Indeed, from the real from Madrid to Barbie, a wide choice can be offered to you.

In addition, you can easily find kits with different shapes: flat, square or round, but also many others. No matter how old your child is, you can easily find a model that suits them perfectly.


  • The kits with two compartments

Do you think your child will need a bigger school kit? You'll have to go to a kit with two compartments. Indeed, the latter has two kits in one, which is rather nice. This way, your child can easily put everything he needs, to get good grades. Pretty handy, don't you think?

Also note that you will have a wide choice of characters. Indeed, they adapt to all types of age. In other words, your child can easily find happiness among our selection of school kits.


  • The kits garnished

Want a kit larger than the two-compartment kit? We can offer you the kit. The latter is particularly effective when children need to put a lot of supplies, such as in kindergarten or primary school. In addition, it will allow your child to be perfectly organized.

For the characters, we also have a wide choice to please the largest number of children. Whether it's Cars, Barbie or the Lion King your child loves, it's possible to find this type of product.

The advantage of opting for a packed kit is simply the fact that it is already filled. Pretty handy, don't you think? You won't have to run to the shops to buy the pens and pencils your child will use.


  • Characters for all!

As you may have seen in this article, it is perfectly possible to find happiness. Indeed, we offer a wide variety of choices, so that everyone can easily find the products they like. You should also ask your children for advice before choosing a school kit for them. Indeed, it will be an object that belongs to them. It is therefore important that they be able to give their opinion.


As you will have understood, the school kit is a real institution. Indeed, every child must have one in order to be able to carry his supplies, but also not to lose anything. And so this can be a real headache for parents! It is essential to choose the most suitable kit for your child. Let's not forget the supplies that are still important for him to have a good education.