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Kit 2 compartments 

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Showing 1 - 96 of 148 items

Tips for choosing your 2 compartment kit

The choice of the school kit is an important consideration that must take into account several factors. While children often prefer the fashion effect with branded and fancy items at first, the practicality of this accessory must also be taken into account. In smaller classrooms, children generally do not need a very large kit because they use few pencils and pens. On the other hand, as the years pass, the more material required: in addition to pens, pencils and gum, they will have to equip themselves with more varied supplies including, for example, mathematical tools such as the rapporteur or the compass. To be able to organize as well as possible and have the space to properly store school belongings, a 2 compartment kit is a practical choice. Check out some good tips for choosing it.

Choose a 2 compartment kit with sufficient capacity

There are several models of 2 compartment kits. Also, it is necessary to move towards a product whose capacity is sufficient to be able to store all its belongings without problems. If you choose a kit that is too small, your child would take the risk of damaging the fabrics and zipper by overloading it. For your child's 2 compartment kit to last over time, it's therefore a good idea to choose a kit with a capacity tailored to your child's needs. Note that in order to save money, you may as well anticipate future needs by opting for a larger model that will save you from having to buy them again when switching to the upper class.

Choose a rugged 2 compartment kit

The kit is one of the school items that can be kept for several years provided it remains adapted to its needs. With this in mind, it is better to give priority at the time of purchase, a kit whose materials are strong enough to be able to endure the vagaries of time. If you choose a fabric kit for your child, make sure it's good and the seams are sturdy. There are models with reinforcements at the friction areas to ensure increased longevity. Also look at the zipper as this element is one of the weak points of a kit. To be solid, it will need to be thick and easy to zip and unzipped. Note that some brand offers a guarantee of several years on closure.

Choose a 2 compartment kit based on its shape

As you have already noticed, there are several forms of 2 compartment kits on the market. The most common being the round and the rectangular, we also notice some more original and fancy shapes in the form of "fish", "watermelon" or "banana". While these may seem more attractive and fun, keep in mind that the kit must remain a practical and functional tool.

In general, rectangular kits have the highest capacity. Round kits are more to be considered as a second kit that can be used to store supplies that are not used every day.

Choose a 2-compartment design kit

Although this criterion is not necessarily the one we pay the most attention to as parents, it remains very important for your children and can even be a vehicle for socialization in school. This is not to be taken lightly. Also, if you want your child to keep their kit for a long time, it's important to choose a model that appeals to your child.

There are very gendered models for girls or boys, but we also see kits with patterns and mixed colors that can appeal to both sexes. Many are sensitive to the brand of their kit and some are also guarantees of quality. Be careful, however, not to be blinded by the stamp and take the time to observe the quality of the materials before you buy!