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    Betty Boop figures 

    Discover our selection of Betty Boop figurines, the famous pin-up of the 30s who continues to seduce lovers of retro and pop culture. With her unique style and timeless charm, Betty Boop has become an icon of American animation, and our action figures allow you to take her home as a quality collectible. Whether you're a long-time fan or discovering this screen star for the first time, our Betty Boop action figure collection will delight you!

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    Showing 1 - 70 of 70 items

    Betty Boop: an icon of American cartoon


    Betty Boop is a small sexy brunettevery famous in the world of animated cinema. It is a iconic character of the production house Fleischer which illustrated the femininity to perfection. It is also the subject of many documentaries that highlight the hidden messages and causes defended by this Famous cartoon character. Later, it appears as Figurines and other items offered for sale on the market. Find out more details about this character before opting for a wide choice of figurines.


    Betty Boop's Story


    Betty Boop first appeared in 1930, on a scene from the cartoon "Dizzy Dishes". In a cabaret, she sings a song ending with "Boop Boop a Doop", which quickly becomes legendary. At that time, it did not yet have a name. Without realizing it, Max Fleischer and his brothers created one of the greatest animated characters in history. Initially, this talented designer imagined a sensual silhouette with a truffle instead of the nose and long hanging ears. The silhouette of this character evolved from film to film until she became a young woman in her own right, bearing the name "Betty Boop". This one that quickly becomes famous all over the world.

    The birth of a fictional star

    During the following years, she made appearances in the animations of the production company Fleischer. During her screen debut, she played the role of Bimbo's girlfriend, a response to Disney's "Mickey" animation. Later, she became a true iconic character and played a string of leading roles.

    Among the films in which she plays an imposing role are Betty Boop's Rise to Fame, Stop that Noise, A language all my own, Rhythm on the reservation, etc. Betty will also have her role in a color animation "Poor Cinderella". She is also displayed to new characters like Pudgy (a small dog) and Grampy (a scientist). 50 years later, Betty Boop appeared in "Who Wants Roger Rabbit's Skin" where she played a cabaret waitress and sang Jessica Rabbit.

    A feminine icon   

    Betty Boop is one of the first female human characters in the cartoon universe. Indeed, it brings with it a real revolution in a world entirely dedicated to men. It is this innovative spirit that has touched his audience. She melts all hearts, from her first appearance with her sexy footwork, her legendary cut, her big doe eyes, her luscious lips and her famous baby voice.

    But what image of femininity does Betty Boop convey? In fact, Max Fleischer wanted to illustrate through Betty Boop, the difficulty for a young woman of the 30s to fit and live in a society where the male sex is placed on a pedestal. Betty Poop played a New Yorker struggling to survive during the Great Depression. To pay her rent, she puts herself in the shoes of many trades: cashier, waitress, secretary ... She became famous for her rather peculiar character traits. She cultivates the American dream and faces life's challenges with optimism and courage.

    Through this emblematic character of American animation, Max Fleischer wanted to promote women's rights in society and denounce sexual harassment. Indeed, Betty Boop is often surrounded by fat and ugly old men who try to harass her. She defends herself remarkably well against the brutality of men, which supports this feminist vision that her creator wanted to transmit. She also shared her posters with famous jazz singers Cab Calloway and Louis Armstrong, which challenged the racial segregation of that time.

    This woman of character: quite a character!

    Beyond being just a sexy character, Betty Boop was one of the first animated characters to become aware of the world around her. Betty Boop's animations illustrated real-life problems so much that the scenes were sometimes violent. Deemed too sexy, Betty Boop lengthens her skirt and wears only garters a few years later. It gradually disappears from the small screen with the appearance of Disney animated films like Snow White, which invited more to dream. Moreover, people needed to be reassured before the war.

    The first Betty Boop products

    It is from 1934 that Betty Boop appears in store windows in the form of different products: coats, cups, watches, soaps, toys, canisters, notebook covers, cards, handkerchiefs, etc. At that time, Betty Boop dolls were also famous. In fact, more than 500 licenses around the world produced articles bearing his image. She also appeared in many advertisements of different brands: Chevrolet, Coca Cola, Italian mineral water, as well as a Japanese bank.

    After disappearing from the screen a few years after her arrival, Betty Boop made her comeback to the 80s and 90s. She reappears on the screens, faithful to her image, at the same time soft, characterful and sexy. In the history of animated films, it can be said that no character has managed to dethrone Betty Boop as the queen of sensuality. It is also associated as the true image of the sex symbol in animated cinema.

    It will soon blow out its 90 candles. She embodies the perfect image of a vintage character par excellence. She is also the representation of the Pin-Up of the 30s, real Marilyn Monroe of the cartoon world. Nearly a century after it first aired, Betty Boop or "BB" has lost none of its beauty and strong personality. Over the years, she has become the representation of a revolutionary young woman.


    Betty Boop's characters


    As stated above, Betty Boop is a young woman with a strong personality who stands out for her optimism and courage. She remains enthusiastic, regardless of the circumstances. His rebellious character trait is illustrated by his rather provocative dress. Indeed, she defies the rules of society by wearing short skirts, strapless dresses, garters, etc.

    A woman full of qualities

    It also represents all the qualities that a woman can have. Indeed, she appears in the skin of a cabaret singer, a nurse, a secretary, and even a teacher. It thus provokes a new turning point for the future of women. It promotes the American dream, which was once unattainable for women. Betty Boop speaks out for these women in the shadows who are far too ignored to challenge men's hold on them.

    An assertive personality

    Betty Boop is a true free electron in society where a woman does not have the right to live as she wants, to have dreams and to fend for herself. Moreover, this very liberal image of women has never been so promoted. Unlike other female cartoon characters, Betty Boop doesn't need a "prince charming" or a "brave knight" to save her. She fights alone and manages with courage and perseverance. She is free as the wind and lives life as she wants.

    An independent and determined woman

    Betty Boop is characterized by this particular form of carelessness. No matter the situation, she keeps her cool and holds her head high. She represented in her time a very different image from the traditional woman. Betty Boop acts, but does not accept to suffer. Well beyond the perfect housewife who was erected around the 50s, Betty Boop breaks the codes and puts herself in the shoes of a determined and elusive working woman.

    Betty Boop is also known for her rock-solid independence. Although she does not escape the fetishization and objectification of women by men, she has managed to use them as a weapon.

    One of the first representations of the woman as a child

    Betty Boop is also the perfect representation of the "child woman", with her very childish head and sublime female body. Contrary to the image we wished to have of the woman, she knew how to live her own dreams and follow her impulses.

    Wouldn't Betty Boop be one of the origins of "girl power"? Indeed, she perfectly embodies the devastating femininity that bewitches men, making them powerless beings in the face of her impressive beauty.

    An authentic character

    In short, this animated character has marked the history of cartoon. The little BB stood out for its authenticity. It stands out and traces the story of the woman from a more realistic point of view, far from fairy tales and princesses. Many women have managed to recognize themselves through this icon of American cartoon. It has revealed over the decades, a political significance of pin-ups that has long been ignored.

    It is all these characters, these strengths of personalities and especially this way of being that have made Betty Boop survive the test of time. It is now even more famous than ever. Far beyond a simple cartoon character, Betty Boop reflects a fight, a story, a vision, a policy, a philosophy...


    A wide selection of Betty Boop figures on the toon shop!


    Discover this cult character of American popular culture in many versions of figurines. You will find about fifty collections, all as beautiful as each other.

    Betty Boop cabaret singer

    Choose your favorite Betty Boop character! If you like the sensual Betty Boop, you will appreciate the Betty Boop figurines in the skin of a cabaret singer, with her long dress split on the side or in the skin of a movie star, in a pretty flowing dress. You will also find much sexier versions, with shorter dresses, revealing her sexy long legs and perfect cleavage.

    The pretty Betty represents all cultures

    You will also find Betty Boop figurines appropriating different cultures. She plays a flamenco dancer dressed in a black dress with brightly colored ruffles and a red flower in her hair. You will also enjoy the "Cowgirl" version of Betty Boop, with her hat, santiag boots and rope. She also puts herself in the shoes of a sublime French cancan dancer or an oriental dancer. In addition, there are Betty Boop figurines embodying Asian (BB Geisha) and Indian cultures.

    The iconic Betty in all facets

    Those who are sports enthusiasts will be able to look at the Betty Boop figurines practicing many disciplines such as golf, surfing, baseball, swimming, figure skating, jogging, rugby, karate, skiing, dance, fitness, tennis, boxing, football, etc.

    Betty Boop figures also illustrate many traditionally male professions such as BB mechanic, police officer, racing driver, military, fireman, aviator, DJ, jockey, pirate, etc. Even in her masculine outfits, Betty Boop remains more sensual and feminine than ever.

    In addition, Betty Boop puts herself in the shoes of other veterinary professions, doctor, nurse, cinema opener, chef, restaurant waitress, majorette, sailor, baker, magician, journalist, disco dancer or ballet dancer, judge, adventurer, gardener, farmer, businesswoman, flight attendant, model, etc.

    More and more Betty Boop miniature models

    Finally, complete your collection with Betty Boo angel, miss beauty, cupid, cheerleader, shopping girl, etc. figurines.

    In addition to simple decorative figurines, you will find much more utilitarian figurines that can serve as candle holders.


    Each figurine has been delicately designed and sculpted to bring out all the beauty of this cardboard icon. The shimmering colors give a realistic dimension to each room. Build your own collection from your favorite figurines. You will also be able to order a pre-selected collection.

    The order is taken entirely online, with a home delivery service. Your package will be delivered to you within 24 hours or 48 hours of your order. You have the choice between different payment options, completely secure. Enjoy 100% authentic quality products. A customer service is at your disposal to answer all your questions. Guests receive discounts of up to 33% on select products.