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Titi Figures 

Showing 1 - 48 of 48 items
Showing 1 - 48 of 48 items

Titi figurines: a must-have for your children!


Want to give your child a Titi figurine? Do you want to treat yourself by offering yourself a Titi figurine? Thankfully, we have everything we need in this category. Indeed, we make every effort to make it easy for you to find your happiness: many figurines waiting for you! Take a tour of this category will allow you to see the choice you have, but also to find a figurine that can match your child's taste. Are you ready to discover more? Stay with us, we'll tell you everything about the Titi character, but also about the figurines you can choose from! Here we go!


Who is the Titi character?


Tit is a key figure in children. Indeed, whether they are small or large, it is imperative to know him since he has made many generations laugh. Nevertheless, we will still tell you about this emblematic character who has been able to rock entire generations.


Titi is a character is Looney Tunes. And he's not that young: indeed, Titi was created in 1942. It is simply a small yellow canary that does not lack the resources to make it into a jam Sylvestre, the cat that is essentially known as the "big twink" or "rominet" as Titi likes to call it. It should also be noted that it is a chick that seems fragile and helpless, but it is still important to note that it is a small canary very clever, which is not negligible. But Titi essentially plays on pitying his friends so that they can defend him. Who could blame him? Indeed, he is so cute that one could give him the Good God without confession.


You must know Titi's signature phrase: "Z thought you saw a rominet" often followed by "Yes, z did see a rominet." It should also be noted that Titi lives in a gilded cage in which he is often safe. As you can see, he is a character that many children around the world appreciate. Many generations have been able to follow the adventures of Titi and Rominet. It's also funny to watch cartoons right now.


Titi in all its forms, in our online shop!


Do you want to please your child? To give her a Titi figurine for your child? You don't really know how to do it? Don't worry, we have a whole range of products that should certainly please you. Here are the various Titi figurines you can find in our online shop:


  • Do you have a sports kid? You can easily offer him a Titi figurine that is hiking, archery or golfing. Indeed, the latter are rather original and will certainly please your children, which is not negligible.
  • Is your child more like a sea-footed one? You can perfectly opt for a pirate, surfer or jet ski Titi figurine. Of course, the list of Titis who spend their lives in the water is not exhaustive. Indeed, you can perfectly find your happiness among the various figurines that are found in our online shop.
  • You can also find Titi figurines accompanied by his dear sidekick: grosminet. These can really be original since you will have the two main characters of your child's favorite cartoon, for example.
  • Many figurines with Titis in different situations await you in our shop. If you don't really know which one to choose, don't hesitate to go around our shop to see the figurine that could most match you. Don't hesitate to take several, if the choice were to be difficult!


As you will notice, it is perfectly possible to find your happiness to please your children. Our Titis-shaped figurine ray is waiting for you!


Why give your child a Titi figurine?


Do you think that offering a Titi figurine may not please your child? Don't get me wrong! If the latter greatly appreciates the figurines, but loves it over Titi, you will be sure to make a happy one. But don't panic, here are some good reasons to give your child a Titi figurine:


  • He will be able to decorate his room with the figurine you gave him. Indeed, the latter can perfectly put it on his bedside table or on his desk for example. Thus, he will feel like he is accompanied by his favorite character whatever he can do.
  • This can make a nice birthday present. Indeed, some children greatly appreciate being able to collect figurines. If he likes Titi, you can really make his heart capsize, which is not insignificant.
  • You don't necessarily need an opportunity to give him this type of gift. Indeed, your child may be perfectly happy to have his little figurine just for him without necessarily waiting for a special occasion. You can congratulate him on a good grade, for example.


As you can see, it is perfectly possible to find a Titi figurine that is to your child's taste, but also to your child's. After all, it's his figurine so he might as well choose something that might please him. Of course, if the latter has a collector's soul, you will certainly have to offer him several. But as you'll have seen, there are many figurines to offer. So you'll never run out of ideas!