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Bowls - Cups 

Showing 1 - 29 of 29 items
Showing 1 - 29 of 29 items

A wonderful selection of Betty Boop bowls and cups to put in everyone's hands!

For diehard fans of the famous pin-up, the toons shop offers a superb selection of Betty Boop cups and bowls. These are rare products in France often sought after by collectors. Both practical and decorative, Betty Boop coffee cup cabinets are still a phenomenal success and are the number one gift for events such as birthdays, holiday parties or housewarming. With its red and black colours and sometimes adorned with a few rhinestones, Betty Boop's crockery is undoubtedly part of the decoration of the kitchen.

The Titi and Grosminet bowls for breakfast.

In the game of cat and canary, this is Grosminet and Titi! What a pleasure to meet them on the bowls for breakfast! Get your strength each morning by drinking your hot chocolate and imagining the new adventures of the two companions. In your stories, will Sylvestre manage to catch Titi and make it his dinner?

All-terrain cups and bowls for toddlers.

Come and discover pvc mugs and bowls for toddlers at the toons shop. This dishes are light for small hands but nevertheless robust. It is designed to withstand any shocks children may impose on it, such as knocking a bowl or falling a cup. And because nothing is left to chance, the design is not left out: the hello Kitty square bowl wins all the votes to date!

Unique bowls and license cups in France on the toons shop.

Calimero, Snoopy, Cotton Candy or Casimir, all these characters who rocked your childhood are displayed on bowls and cups at the toon shop. When you discover them, nostalgia may take hold of you!